CPHVA Professional Services

The information below gives brief details of the services which the CPHVA offers.

Clinical effectiveness/Research


CPHVA Archives

CPHVA Labour Relations

CPHVA Wales, Scotland and Ireland

`Community Practitioner` Journal

Education and Professional Development


Information Resources

Professional Support and Advice/ Policy

Clinical effectiveness and Research
We aim to improve the dissemination of information regarding evidence based practice and clinical effectiveness in community nursing and health visiting.

Deals with media relations, press releases and campaigns.
Contact , professional communication officer on 020 7939 7043.

CPHVA Archives
CPHVA archives are available at the Wellcome Institute.

Dr Lesley Hall
Wellcome Institute, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE
Tel. 0171 611 8482

CPHVA Labour Relations
Link here to the MSF Health section website

CPHVA Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
The CPHVA has professional officers (part-time) designated to foster the professional interests and concerns of our members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Community Practitioner
The monthly journal, free to members.

Education, Training and Professional Development
Offers courses, conference and workshops on policy related to educational and professional development. We work with other organisations to develop training packs, advise members on continuing professional development and career progression. We have close links with with the United Kingdom Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC) and the National Boards in the inter-professional arena.

We organise events to enable the sharing of information and professional expertise among members.

Information Resources
Offers library and information service to members

Professional Support and Advice/ Policy - see Health Visiting, School Nursing, Public Health, Practice Nursing and District Nursing
The CPHVA offers professional advice and support for members and influences the development of policy on health visiting, community nursing and public health issues at a national level.