Regional and Country Committees

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At a time when devolutionary politics and a renewed interest in the English regions is to the fore, the CPHVA has reflected these powerful trends by strengthening its regional and country committees to ensure that community practitioners have a voice in the new political structures that have come into being.

There are 14 regional and country committees, each being a focus of Association activity in each of those areas. They generally meet bimonthly, preceeding a meeting of the Executive Committee, and provide an opportunity for centres to work together within their region/country and debate local and professional issues of concern.

Each region/country has a representative on the Executive Committee and each of the four national committees, the pillars of the Association, which are:

  • Professional Committee
  • Education and Research
  • Race Equality
  • Labour Relations

The Association Calendar for 2003

The Association's Standing Orders outline the role of the regional and country committees.