NSPCC Full Stop Campaign

26 March 2002

The NSPCC is launching a public awareness campaign, which is the second phase of the Full Stop Campaign. It will consist of television advertising, posters, press, publicity and promotion of awareness material. The purpose of the campaign is to increase public awareness and encourage members of the public to take responsibility for child protection and to take action if they have concerns about the safety of a child. This phase of the campaign aims to encourage the public to take action and recognise that ‘every action - no matter how small - counts’. The focus of this campaign is on the physical and emotional abuse of children. To support the campaign, the NSPCC have produced a range of materials:

  • Are you worried about the safety of a child? - a leaflet for members of the public (available in English, Welsh and Asian languages)
  • Every action counts ... - a small credit card sized card containing key messages and listing contact agencies that can help
  • Child Protection is Everyone’s Responsibility - a leaflet for professionals explaining the campaign, how they can contribute, and describing the work of the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline (available in English and Welsh languages)

These materials are available in a downloadable format on the NSPCC website - www.nspcc.org.uk

If you have any questions about this campaign or if you wish to comment once you have seen the advertising and materials, please contact Jonathan Rallings in the NSPCC’s Public, Policy Department on 020-7825 7423 (telephone), 020-7825 2763 (fax) or at [email protected]