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Health visiting information
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Effectiveness in Health Visiting and Public Health Nursing

The following references on the effectiveness of health/home visiting have been selected from evidence based resources available on the Internet. This page will also include studies/research in effectiveness of issues that concern health visitors/community nurses.

Systematic Reviews/Effectiveness in Health Visiting

Other Studies in Effectiveness

Systematic Reviews in Health/Home Visiting
The following are some examples of systematic reviews listed in theDatabase of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE)
To view the full record, search the Database at

Studies from other sources include:

Elkan R, Kendrick D, Hewitt M, Robinson J J A, Tolley K et al.
The effectiveness of domiciliary health visiting: a systematic review of international studies and a selective review of the British literature.
Kendrick D, Hewitt M, Dewey M, Elkan R, Blair M, Robinson J, Williams D, Brummell K..
The effect of home visiting programmes on uptake of childhood immunization: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (NHSCRD) 1997 [Effective Health Care 3(1)): pp.12.]
Preventing and reducing the adverse effects of unintended teenage pregnancies. NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination York: NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. 1997. [Effective Health Care 3(1)). pp.12]
Blondel B, Breart G.
Home visits for pregnancy complications and management of antenatal care: an overview of three randomized controlled trials. [British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1992; 99(4): 283-6.]

The DARE database will also give other references on the effectiveness of health visting interventions. Search the database for:

  • health visiting
  • home visiting
  • home care
Ciliska, Donna et al.
The Effectiveness of Home Visiting as a delivery strategy for public health nursing interventions to clients in the prenatal and postnatal period : A Systematic Review [Primary Care Research and Development, Vol. 2 (1) January 2001]

Pre-school hearing, speech, language and vision screening.

Preventing falls and subsequent injury in older people. University of York. NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination; University of Leeds. Nuffield Institute for Health Effective Health Care, 1996, 2(4), 16p.

Does home visiting prevent childhood injury: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials. Roberts I, Kramer M, Suissa S BMJ, 1996, 312, pp. 29-33

Other Studies in Effectiveness
Treatments for infant colic
School Health Services
Lister-Sharp D, Chapman S, Stewart-Brown S, Sowden A.. Health Technology Assessment 1999; 3(22): 1-207.
Health promoting schools and health promotion in schools: two systematic reviews.
Dental Health
University of York: NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination
Fluoridation of Drinking Water: A Systematic Review of its Efficacy and Safety
Evidence from Systematic Reviews of Research Relevant to Implementing the 'Wider Public Health' Agenda
Department of Health - A Research and Development Strategy for Public Health
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