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General Information

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative

Official Publications




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General Information

National Childbirth Trust - 'Reasons to be Proud - Ways that breastfeeding makes a difference to both mother and baby - National Breastfeeding Survey 2005 - Report

Pediatrics - May 2004 - Breastfeeding and the Risk of Postneonatal Death in the United States - Research Article - Abstract

BBC - Breast milk 'does cut heart risk'

Breastfeeding advice questioned - Guardian, 9th Feb. 2004

CPHVA Perspective - Breast Is Best for the First Six Months', Says Government.

Babymilk Action - Latest news on infant feeding

Food Standards Agency - Proposed Draft Revised Standard for Infant Formula (At Step 3)

Food Standards Agency - Updated advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women on eating certain fish

Breastmilk Substitutes in Child Health Clinics - Daphne Hardwick - Lecturer Practitioner & Health Visitor -Wroughton Health Centre

Infant Feeding 2000 - A survey conducted on behalf of the Department of Health, the Scottish Executive, The National Assembly for Wales and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland

British Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Scottish Executive:Scottish Breast feeding Group

Breastfeeding and returning to work

Breast feeding is best despite heart disease link claim, says CPHVA

Click on the link below for the study mentioned
Lactation reduces breast cancer risk in Shandong Province, China

Breastmilk substitutes in Child Health Clinics - Daphne Hardwick - Lecturer Practitioner & Health Visitor -Wroughton Health Centre

Extended breast feeding has health benefits

Activities in support of breastfeeding
This is a Resource File of materials, activities and ideas which have been developed by individuals and organisations other than the Baby Friendly Initiative.

The UK accelerated immunisation programme
and sudden unexpected death in infancy:
case-control study

Going Baby Friendly in Scotland and Belarus increases breastfeeding rates

Breast-fed babies 'are thinner teenagers'

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Database (NMAP)

The Breastfeeding Network

Scottish Executive - Scottish women breastfeed for longer

Lactation Consultants Great Britain


World Health Organisation (WHO) - Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding : The Optimal Duration of Breastfeeding - Systematic Review; Abstract; Recommendations
More Information
on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices

Health Development Agency - The Effectiveness of Public Health Interventions to Promote the Initiation of Breastfeeding : A Briefing on the evidence from selected systematic reviews and meta analysis published since 1996.

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative

Audit tools to monitor breastfeeding support in the community and maternity services

Baby Friendly Inititive - New survey shows that men are supportive of breastfeeding mums
Breastfeeding - A new study shows Baby Friendly accreditation leads to high breastfeeding rates

Baby Friendly tools to monitor breastfeeding support in the maternity services and community services available now. Further information.

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative - Auditing practices to support breastfeeding and Training

UNICEF - Breastfeeding mothers get more sleep when co-sleeping

League Tables for Baby Friendly Progress- Baby Friendly Initiative Newsletter, August 2004

Progress towards Baby Friendly accreditation

A Breastfeeding and Environmental Contamination - Discussion Paper

Government intentions on welfare food reform to promote breastfeeding and best practice

Baby Friendly Best Practice Standards
for Midwifery and Health Visiting Breastfeeding Education

Breast Feeding Rates in the UK

Strategy for Breast Feeding

Best Practice in the Health Care System

Ten Successful Steps to Breast Feeding

The Seven Point Plan for the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding in Community Health Care Settings

Health benefits of breastfeeding

Public health strategies for breastfeeding

Public health strategies for breastfeeding

Information for new mothers and pregnant women

Information and guidance
on implementing Baby Friendly best practice standards

leaflets and posters for pregnant women and new mothers in both English and other languages commonly spoken in the UK

Useful Publications

Official Publications/Statements

Department of Health - Attitudes to Feeding - Report of survey findings

NHS - Infant Feeding and Child Nutrition. For a copy of this pack tel: 08701 555 455 or email:

Food Standards Agency - Breast milk archive study

Scottish Parliament - Scottish parliament approves bill to protect mothers' right to breastfeed in public

Department of Health:

The infant feeding audit tool

Maternal and infant nutrition

NHS Executive:

Ten Good Reasons to Breastfeed

Handy Hints About Breastfeeding

Issues Concerning Breastfeeding

NHS Campaign

National Assembley of Wales - Investing in a Better Start - Promoting Breastfeeding in Wales

Scottish Executive - Proposed Bill to Protect Breastfeeding in Public Bill -
Consultation Document

NHS Health, Scotland (HEBS) - Breastfeeding. Getting off to a good start

NHS Health, Scotland (HEBS) - Breastmilk- The world's best baby food - A newsletter for health professionals and people supporting breastfeeding



The Breastfeeding Network


Bibliographic Information

British Medical Journal


Related Information

Breastfeeding benefits start 'from day one', The Practicing Midwife June 2005 8(6) p.10.

Breastfeeding found to lower blood pressure in childhood, Nursing Times 31 May 2005 100(22) p. 9.

Support improves breastfeeding for cleft lip babies, Nursing Times 31 May 2005 100(22) p. 5.

Alcohol disrupts breastfeeding hormones,The Practicing Midwife May 2005 8(5) p.9.

Most men supportive of breastfeeding, The Practicing Midwife May 2005 8(5) p.10.

National Breastfeeding awareness week - Breastfeeding:encourage mothers to give it a go, Journal of Family Healthcare 2005 15(2) p.45-47.

Breat feeding and cardiovascular disease, Matin, R. T. et al., Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 2005: 59: 121-129.

Carmel T Collins et al.
Effect of bottles, cups, and dummies on breast feeding in preterm infants: a randomised controlled trial
Scottish Executive - Scots mothers lead UK in breastfeeding