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Child Abuse and Protection

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General Information

Educare - Child Protection Awarenesss in Health - NSPCC launches child protection awareness training for School Nurses and Community Practitioners.

Project: Stop it Now! UK & Ireland's innovative approach to preventing child sexual abuse

CPHVA Press Release - Children's Commissioner for England Welcomed
Children Are Unbeatable Alliance - Press Release
Children's Rights Alliance - Press Release

Thomas Coram Research Institute - The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children - An Overview

Child Abuse and Child Protection Services - Laming Report. More background information on the Victoria Climbie report is available on the Community Care web site

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Guardian Unlimited - Special Report
Keeping your child safe on the Internet
Nolan Review : Review of Child Protection in the Catholic Church in England and Wales

Centre for Child Protection Studies
The child protection blacklists
Save the Children, UK
British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect [BASCPAN]

Improving child protection on the Internet : A Partnership for Action

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Professions (NMAP)

Sexual Abuse of Children, Child Pornography and Paedophilia on the Internet: An international challenge

The Administration for Children and Families

Electronic Library for Social Care

National Child Protection Clearing House

NSPCC - Inform - Child Protection Resource
Official Sites/Publications
Department of Health - National Web Site for Area Child Protection Committees

Department of Health - What to do if you're worried a child is being abused. Summary and Report

Internet Task Force - Home Office

Children on Child Protection Registers 1999-00

Child Protection Registers

Department of Health
Child Protection Statistics - for the Year Ended 31 March 2002, Scotland

Children and Young People on Child Protection Registers - Year Ending 31 March 2001, England

The Bichard Implementation Project

Children's and Yount People's Group

Child Welfare

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Evidence Based Practice
Commission for Health Improvement - Child Protection Audit Tool

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin, Issue 10,

Search Trip database for more information

National Research Register

Child Protection : Getting the most out of research
Legal Information
Legal Issues in Nursing:
Court Appearance 1 - The English and Welsh Legal System
British Journal of Community Nursisng - Vol. 8 (12) p. 554
Court Appearance 2- Presenting Oral Evidence in Court
British Journal of Community Nursing - Vol. 9 (1) p. 34
Improving Child Protection on the Internet : A Partnership fo Action

Child Protection Services

Controlling access to the Internet

The Social Policy Information Service - Welfare Reform on the Web
National Child Protection Clearing House
Suffolk County Council

Find a
Bibiliographic Information

British Medical Journal
Related Information

The European Children's Network said countires should ensure better information sharing on child sex offenders. 'What About Us? Children's Rights in the European Union Next Steps from

Barnardo's have identified 184 cases of sexual exploitation but believes the figure is much higher. From 'Out of Sight and out of Mind' study

Children are Unbeatable Alliance - Five simple actions to help achieve equal protection for children
BBC - Child abuse cases 'being missed'
BBC - Child abuse cases 'being missed'