Mother's Milk: The Start of Something Special - National Breastfeeding Awareness Week
11 - 17 May 2003

It's National Breastfeeding Awareness Week from 11-17 May 2003. Breastfeeding provides babies with the very best start in life. It's convenient, free and provides great health benefits for babies and mums. It offers complete nutrition for the first six months of life and every week of breastfeeding makes a difference.

Celebrity Quotes

"The convenience and the health benefits are indisputable and my children were hardly ever ill as babies. I feel it was particularly important for me as two of my children were premature and I feel that breastfeeding provided them with the required antibodies needed to fight off infection and grow into the healthy children they are now, as well as forging a close relationship between mother and child." Sadie Frost

"I have breastfed both Nathanial and Mackenzie and I can quite honestly say they are the healthiest children I know. I'm convinced their healthy immune system is down to them having been breastfed. Breastfeeding has definitely benefitted me too. After both pregnancies I was quickly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Largely because they fed and fed and fed - I ate and ate and ate, and still kept losing weight. Holidays are never a problem. No bottles, no sterilisers, no tins of formula milk. The unique bond that breastfeeding nurtures lives on in both my children and they are growing up to be warm loving little boys." Fiona Phillips

Resources attached

  • 10 interesting things about breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding health facts

  • Tips for breastfeeding


Association of Breastfeeding Mothers - 020 7813 1481

Breastfeeding Network - 0870 900 8787

La Leche League - 020 7242 1278

National Childbirth Trust - 0870 444 8708

Further information from Sue Lancashire on 020 7403 2230