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Handy hints about breastfeeding
  • Get support Ask a relative or friend to give you a few hours of extra help at home in the early days. This will free you up to spend time getting breastfeeding right.

  • Are you sitting comfortably? It's important to make sure your back is straight while you are feeding. Try feeding in a straight-backed chair or support your back with pillows.
  • Something for you? It is a good idea to put a glass of water or juice by your side before you settle down to breastfeed in case you get thirsty.
  • Discomfort If you have painful swollen breasts it may mean that your milk is not flowing effectively. Get help to check the position of your baby while he or she is feeding as a poor position may stop the baby from emptying the breast.
  • Include the family Try and make breastfeeding special for all the family especially older brothers or sisters. This could be a snack and a drink so they are being fed too, or you could try a story tape, video or box of toys you keep especially for this occasion.
  • Express dairies If you express your milk and want to store it, remember it keeps at the back of the fridge where it is coldest for 24 hours and in the freezer for up to 3 months. Milk at room temperature should be used immediately.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (9 15 May 2004)

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