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General Information

CPHVA Press Release - Five new multicultural booklets on mental health produced by the CPHVA . New Resources in Mental Health - Flyer

CPHVA Professional Briefing : Ante and Postnatal Dpression where are we now and where should we be going?

CPHVA Information Strategy - To support CPHVA activity in the areas of Postnatal Depression and Maternal Mental Health

CPHVA Streaming Media Website
View lectures from the recent one-day conference on the subject of Postnatal Depression as streaming video and audio feeds, complete with the lecture slides and PowerPoint presentations.

Screening for Postnatal Depression CPHVA question's National Screening Committee recommendation that screening services for PND should not be supported, except in a research context.

Talking about postnatal depression

The Associaton for Post Natal Illness

Ask the Expert - Research on Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression

Baby blues or postnatal depression

Health Visiting.Org

Is motherhood more depressing than ever? by Bríd Hehi, Health Visitor

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Database (NMAP)

Postpartum Support International



Highlights and Presentations given at the Postnatal Depression Conference - 17 July 2002 - Cutlers Hall, Sheffield

The Legacy of Postnatal Depression - Dale Hay School of Pyschology, Cardiff University

The Challenges of Delivering a Local Service for Postnatal Depression - Dr Judy Shakespeare, NPCU Oxfordshire

EPDS - the Screening Debate - Briege Coyle, Professional Officer CPVHA

Challenges and Solutions - Women's Perinatal Mental Health - Albert Persaud, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Health

Working and Learning from Mothers - Mary Alabaster and Maria Cornwell, South Essex Partnership NHS Trust

Responding to the Challenges of Working in Multiculural Communities - Abi Sobowale, John Thorpe Health Centre, Sheffield

Effectiveness of Health Visitor Interventions
Information on the Effectiveness of Health Visiting Interventions for Postnatal
Depression is available in the Clinical Effectiveness Information Pack

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale: Guidelines for its use as part of a maternal mood assessment - Article - Briege Coyle, Professional Officer Northern Ireland, & CPHVA Postnatal Depression Lead Cheryll Adams, Professional Officer, Research and Practice Development

Postnatal Depression in Non-English speaking women and those from diverse cultures - A Collection of Abstracts, Geraldine Clark Bedfordshire Shared Services. This collection of abstracts has been compiled to assist anyone who may be interested in developing knowledge around this subject or those considering future research.

Sublingual oestrogen treatment of postnatal depression.(Research Letters)

Validation of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in Italy

Little risk to new mum's early release

Transcultural Study of Postnatal Depression (PND) - Within European Health Systems: Harmonisation of Research Methods and Promotion of Mother - Child Health

Costs and benefits of community postnatal support workers : a randomised controlled trial

National Care Pathways Database

Support Groups/Networks/Training

Depression Alliance - Support and information

Postnatal Depression - Training in the Detection and Treatment of Postnatal

Surrey Postnatal Depression - Support and Information

The North West Tasmania Post Natal Disorders Network

Post natal Depression Support Group
Depression Care Training Centre
ESP Healthcare

Depression Alliance Wales

Position Paper on Social Support

CPHVA Iinternational e- mail link to share information and experiences on Postnatal Depression
Please contact Professional Officer for Clinical Effectiveness and Practice Development, CPHVA at the address given for further information.

Special Interest Groups on Postnatal Depression

The CPHVA intends establishing a Special Interest Group on Postnatal Depression. The aim is to discuss concerns and issues relating to postnatal depression and also, to share experiences of health visitors/community nurses in dealing with the condition. If interested, please contact Cheryll Adams .



Postnatal Depression Productions - An informative video has been specially made for health professionals and parents and gives an insight into what postnatal depression is and its effects.

Raising Awareness of Postnatal Depression , launched in June 2002

Poster- Campaign to raise awareness of Postnatal Depression

The Solihull Approach - Gives a psychotherapeutic approach to behaviour management and focuses on the child/parent relationships

The Solihull Approach - Leaflets for free distribution

Identification of Postnatal Depression by Health Visitors

Management of Depression in General Practice

National Research Register




From: The Associaton for Post Natal Illness
The number of mothers suffering from postnatal depression in the UK - One in Ten


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Postnatal Depression - A Bibliography

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