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Scottish Committee Meeting Minutes August 2003

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Newsletter, Winter 2002

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Workshops - in May and June for Health Implications of Cold and Damp Housing

Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust - Health Visitor Newsletter Winter 2003
Influenza Immunisation  - From the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Scottish Executive, Edinburgh
NMC - Action taken in Scotland
A new paediatric pain management role
Scotland - Nursing and Midwifery Practice Development Unit - Newsletter, Issue 5

Scottish Executive

School meals makeover'- Consultation begins on proposals to radically improve uptake of school meals.
11 May 2001, "Health Visitors Central to Health Improvement"
Scottish NHS Plan - 'Our National Health: A plan for action, a plan for change'
Scotland fails to address nurse shortage
Fitness Boost for Scottish Children - A program to improve the general health of Scottish Children

Scottish Executive - Scotland to launch Hib immunisation programme

March 2001 - Background briefing paper for Members of the Scottish Parliament on the CPVHA Deals on Wheels Campaign
September 2001 - The CPHVA and CPNA have written to all the local authorities in Scotland, more than 30, asking them to follow through the Scottish Executive's desire that that community nurses should have free parking badges while on NHS business is considered with sympathy. Copy of letter