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16 February 2001

Att: Suzanne Haesen

European Commission


Eufo 3174

Dear Suzanne

Proposed European Public Health Forum

The Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association is the UK professional body that represents registered nurses and health visitors who work in primary or community health setting. The CPHVA is an autonomous section of the MSF trade union

With 18,000 members, it is the third largest professional nursing union and is the only union, which has public health at its heart.

The CPHVA would very much welcome the establishment of a European Public Health Forum and we would like to register our interest in being members of such a forum.

The CPHVA feels that the organisation of the health forum should be as non - bureaucratic, as possible and we would welcome the idea of a web – site for information exchange and canvassing of ideas. While there are merits in both invited and open participation we feel such a web – site should have a membership rather than open participation, as then it would be perceived as having an influence. We also feel there needs to be identified links between the proposed health policy form, the open forum and the virtual forum. There would be a need to ensure that information technology is standardised for information accessibility. There are also likely to be resource implications for IT and how would these be addressed?

In relation to the membership of the health forum the CPHVA has more questions then it does answers. How would representation be determined to ensure parity across member states to ensure that a pan European agenda is addressed? Issues around country diversity and possible differing agendas need to be identified and how would the European agenda link with individual country priorities?

The CPHVA waits with interest the further developments of the European Health Forum.

Yours sincerely

Professional Officer for
School Health & Public Health