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Amicus/CPHVA Responses
The Amicus-CPHVA responds to official documents of relevance to the work of the Amicus-CPHVA. They are produced as a result of consultation and reflect the views and ideas of the organisation.









Some documents are only accessible as pdf files.. Please note that due to the size of the .pdf files, the download time will be app. 5-10 minutes.


Response- Improving Health by Providing Visible, Accessible, Consistent Care - The Review of Nursing in the Community in Scotland

Response to consultation on Informing Healthier Choices

Response - An Amicus response to the White Paper, Our Health, Our Care, Our Say - a parliamentary briefing'

Response - NMC Questionnaire on a review on pre-registration midwifery education

Response - Medicines management – Consultation on Nurse/Midwifery draft prescribing standards



Response - HALL 4 - draft consultation document ‘Guidance & Principles of Practice for Professional Staff - Health for all children’

Response - Questionnaire on a review of pre-registration midwifery education

Response - Scottish Executive - Delivering for Health

Response - Department of Health - Children and Adult Obesity Care Pathways

Response - DFES- Children?s Workforce Strategy

Response - Re: Healthy Start Consultation on Draft Regulations April 2005

Response - Lead Professional Good Practice Guidance Consultation, April 2005

Response - Investing for Health Consultation Paper - Northern Ireland

Response - ?A Healthier Future? A Twenty Year Vision for Health and Wellbeing in Northern Ireland 2005-2025

Healthcare Comission Press Release- Dedicated NHS staff report unpaid overtime, abuse and violence. NHS National Staff Survey 2004 - Summary Of Key Findings. AMICUS Response

Response - Healthcare Commission ? Assessment for improvement.



Response to Request for Stakeholder Views on Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children and Young People

Briefing paper: Health for all children (Hall 4) and Position statement

Response - ?Caring For People Beyond Tomorrow: A Strategic Framework for the Development of Primary Care for Individuals, Families and Communities in Northern Ireland

Response - The Chief Nursing Officer?s Review of the Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting Contribution to Vulnerable Children and Young People: Implications for Education

Response to the proposals to exclude overseas visitors from eligibility to free NHS primary medical services

Response to the proposals to exclude overseas visitors from eligibility to free NHS primary medical services

Response - Consultation on a Standard to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice - Further comments

Response - NMC Consultation on a standard to support learning and assessment in practice

Response - Choosing Health? A consultation on action to improve people’s Health.

Response - Public Consultation on the Agency’s Action Plan on the Promotion of Foods to Children

Response - "Tackling Violence at Home", the Government's proposals on Domestic Violence in Northern Ireland

Response - 'Every Child Matters' - Green Paper

Response - NMC Consultation on the proposed competency framework

Response - 'Every Child Matters' - CPHVA Special Interest Group for Health Informatics and Presentation

Response - Community Health Partnerships Consultation

Response - Food and Health Action Plan

Response - Drugs: Guidance for Schools Consultation

Amicus/CPHVA Response - Evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group, Primary Care and Public Health's Children: An inquiry into cross cutting departmental working as the basis for future government policy.

Response - to the Consultation on 'Creating a Vision for all our Children' strategy

Response - to Healthy Start - Proposals to reform the Welfare Food Scheme


Response - to NMC Consultation on a New National Register

Response - to Department of Health Consultation on: Women's Mental Health: Into the Mainstream, Strategic Development of Mental Health Care for Women - December 2002

Response to the Department of Health on the Consultation on the Draft : Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Sponsorship) Trasitional Regulations; Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Point of Sale) Regulations; Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Bra
a ndsharing) Regulations

Response - Care Homes for Older People & Younger Adults Consultation Document - August 2002

Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland Response to Consultation on Private Members Bill on ACPC Regulation

Inquiry into Child Protection Services in Northern Ireland - Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland's Submission

Response - Department of Health - Consultation on Guidance on Children in Need and Blood-Borne Viruses -

Response to ' Physical Punishment of Children in Scotland - A Consultation

Response to `Physical punishment in the home – thinking about the issues, looking at the evidence`.


Response to the UKCC’s consultation document `Requirements for programmes leading to registration as a health visitor`

Response to the Invitation to Comment on the document – `Shifting The Balance Of Power within the NHS: Securing Delivery

Response - `The National Strategy for Sexual for Sexual Health`

Response - `Adopted Adults and their Birth Siblings - Draft National Adoption Standards and Practice Guidance`

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland: `Building the way forward in Primary Care - A Consultation Paper`

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Wales: ` Structural Changes in the NHS in Wales: A Consultation Document` - Oct 2001

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Wales: `The Future of Primary Care in Wales - A Consultation Document` - Oct 2001

Response - Tackling Health Inequalities - Consultation on a Plan for Delivery

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Scotland: Nursing, Midwifery Practice Development Unit: `Standardising job roles and titles in nursing`, August 2001

Response to National Mapping of Family Services in England and Wales - Consultation Document

Response to Safeguarding Children in Whom Illness is Fabricated by Carers with Parenting Responsibilities

Response to the Draft Order Establishing the New Nursing and Midwifery Council, June 2001

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland: `Best Practice – Best Care` Consultation Paper

Response to the UKCC Consultation on the Revised Draft Code of Professional Conduct 2001

Response to `NHS Performance Indicators` Consultation - Letter to DOH

Response to `NHS Performance Indicators` Consultation

Response to Extension of nurse prescribing welcomed by the CPHVA

Response to the Draft Natual Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2001

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland: `The Equality Implications of Health, Social Services and Public Health Safety Policies`

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Northern Ireland: `Investing for Health - Consultation Paper`

Response to Proposed European Public Health Forum

Response - Amicus/CPHVA Wales: `Recognising the Potential : A review of health visiting and school nursing in Wales`

Response to the Consultation Document - Reducing re-offending by ex-prisoners

Response to The proposed Council of Europe / European Parliament regulation laying down the general principles of Food Law, establishing The European Food Authority, and laying down procedures in matters of food safety

Response to the Consultation on Proposals to Extend Nurse Prescribing

Response to Prime Minister's Review of Adoption: Report from the Performance and Innovation Unit

Response to Quality Assessment Authority `Academic and Practice Standards - Health Visiting`

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