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CPHVA Clinical Effectiveness Programme

  • Since 1996 the CPHVA has received funding from the Department of Health which has supported our Clinical Audit and Clinical Effectiveness activity. This funding has allowed us to take forward a number of projects. After focusing on clinical audit initially a group of members a Clinical Effectiveness Strategy which has informed the work programme since 1997. The key aim of the strategy is to improve health care delivery by community practitioners through an increased understanding of the skills and requirements for delivering a clinically effective service. The strategic objectives are:

  • To improve access to information regarding evidence based practice and clinical effectiveness in community nursing and health visiting.
  • To improve the dissemination of information regarding evidence based practice and clinical effectiveness in community nursing and health visiting.
  • To raise awareness of the educational needs of community practitioners as regards clinical effectiveness and evidence based practice, and contribute tot he education and development of practitioners at a local and national level.
  • To encourage the development of research evidence in community nursing and health visiting.
  • To support and encourage the implementation and monitoring of evidence based practice including the use of clinical guidelines and clinical audit.

Clinical Effectiveness Pack and Factsheets
Clinical Effectiveness Pack and Factsheets
National Institute of Clinical Effectiveness
Clinical Guidelines
  • SIGN Guidelines for Otitis Media in Children

  • Evidence-based guidelines? - Bandolier, August 2002

    Clinical Guidelines: Dissemination and Education via the Internet
  • CPHVA Members asked to comment on development of NICE Guidelines - For Further information, contact , Professional Officer, CPHVA
Research Governance
  • Improving Health in Wales: A Plan for the NHS and its Partners

  • Scottish guidance

Other Issues
  • News from the NHS R&D Forum - NHS Research Ethics Committees: working with the new arrangements This conference was held on 26th November and attended by nearly 300 delegates. Copies of the presentations on working together are available on the Forum website. A report of the conference will also be available on the website shortly. For further information about research ethics committees please visit the COREC website.

  • Benchmarking
  • Identifying Priorities for Nursing and Midwifery Research - Consultation Document - Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences (St. George's Hospital Medical School and Kingston University/)/Abi Masterson Consulting Ltd)
  • Research Grants - Meningitis Trust - Information for Research Grant Applicants
  • CPHVA Education and Research Committee -Minutes of meeting Held on Wednesday 4th December 2002 CPHVA Headquarters, London
  • CPHVA Education and Research Committee - Minutes of meeting Held on Wednesday 18th September 2002 CPHVA Headquarters, London