CPHVA Annual Professional Conference & Exhibition 2002

31st October - 2nd November 2002





31st October 2002
Concurrent Sessions A
Concurrent Session B
1st November 2002
Concurrent Session C
Concurrent Session D

Saturday 2nd November 2002



Thursday 31 October

Plenary Session

    Welcome - Mark Jones, Director, CPHVA  
    People focussed public health - Professor Phil Hanlon, Director, Public Health Institute Scotland Public health nurses: advocates and allies -Sarah Mullally, Chief Nursing Officer, England and Director of Nursing/Quality  

    Keynote Address - Public participation; rhetoric and reality
    - Anna Coote, The King’s Fund, London


    2.30 – 3.30 Concurrent Session - A


    A1 - Chair - Lorna Farr, Executive Member, CPHVA


    NSF for children, and the module on the healthy child -
    Paul Ennals, Chief Executive, National Children’s Bureau

    A2 Chair: Jane Wragg, Executive Member, CPHVA

    A vision for the future, One PCT's vision of how to involve staff and communities
    Maggie Jones,Integrated Team Facilitator, Lisa Wisher, Assistant Director for Health Improvement, Central Manchester PCT and Ann Hall, Integrated Team Facilitator, Central Manchester PCT

    Health visitor development – putting people first
    in Barrow and Dalton. Morecambe Bay NHS
    Primary Care Trust – Barrow Local Health Group.

    Heather Lofthouse, Community Nursing Co-ordinator – Health Visiting, Morecambe Bay PCT, Janis Preston, Health Visitor, Nurse Representative Barrow Local Health Group & Professional Executive Committee

    A3 Chair: Loretta Crumlish, Executive Member, CPHVA

    The MMR debate – current controversies
    Joanne Yarwood, Immunisation Project Manager, Department of Health

      Training for immunisation
      Natasha Crowcroft, Consultant in Public Health, Public Health Laboratories, London,Anna Naik, Senior Lecturer, City University, London,Ros Bryar, Professor of Community and Primary Care Nursing, City University, London


      A4 Chair: Carolyn Taylor, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Young people’s outreach contraceptive services
      Siobhan McFeely, Specialist Development Nurse, North Sheffield PCT

      Straight talking delivered by school nurses
      Elizabeth Canty, School Health Advisor, South Warwickshire PCT, Sandra Parker, School Health Advisor, South Warwickshire PCT

      A5 Chair: Monica Davis, Executive Member, CPHVA

      The Chameleon Project
      Pam Gledstone, Health Visitor Professional Lead, Hertsmere NHS PCT, Teresa Newcombe, Parenting Co-ordinator, Hertsmere NHS PCT

      Changing perspectives and provision
      Sue Warriner, Traveller Liaison Health Visitor, Nottingham Traveller Team, Ann Gregory, Traveller Volunteer, Nottingham Traveller Team

      A6 Chair: Neisha Fielder, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Getting on against the odds
      Nola Ishmael, Nursing Officer, Department of Health

      Zero tolerance for racism in the NHS
      Dr. Vina Mayor Senior Lecturer Public Health and Primary Care Unit, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University, London

      A7 Chair: Stephanie McHugh, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Empowered parents
      Maxine McKay, Crèche Developmet Worker, Pengreen Centre for under fives and their families, Corby,Suzanne Devlin, Parent Group Leader and Crèche Worker, Pengreen Centre,Laura Macmillan, Parent Rep, Sure Start Management Team

      Asian Grandmothers influence on breastfeeding
      Jenny Ingram, Research Fellow, Institute of Child Health, Bristol

      A8 Chair: Angela Roberts, Executive Member, CPHVA

      CPHVA practice educators project
      Pauline Byers, Project Worker, CPHVA

      Investing in practice education
      Margaret Wade, Senior Lecturer, University of Plymouth,Geraldine Clay, Senior Lecturer in Community Nursing, University of Plymouth

      A9a Chair: Toity Deave, CPHVA Research Advisory Group  
      Research papers:  

      Evaluation of Sure Start in the South Wales Valleys: a qualitative study of parents’ perceptions
      Christine Glossop, Research Fellow, School of Care Sciences, University of Glamorgan
      (Not available)

      Putting people first: understanding the barriers to research utilisation faced by community practitioners Katrina Bannigan, Senior Lecturer in Research Methods, School of Health and Social Care, University of Teesside

      A9b Chair: Elaine Haycock-Stuart, CPHVA Research Advisory Group Research papers:  

      Evaluating positive parenting provision:
      a pilot randomised controlled trial
      Karen Whittaker, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire,Clair Robinson, Research Student, University of Central Lancashire

      The challenge to formal guidelines: valuing professional judgement
      in health visiting practice
      Jane Appleton, Principal Lecturer in Research Education, Oxford Brookes University

      4.30 – 5.30 Concurrent Session B

      B1 Chair: Angela Roberts, Executive Member, CPHVA  

      Addressing inequalities in health
      Anne Griffin, Team Leader, Health Inequalities Unit, Department of Health

      Developing and sustaining health-led neighbourhood regeneration
      Dr Angela Lennox, Director for the Centre for Studies in Community Healthcare, University of Leicester

      B2 Chair: Dawn Barran, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Implementing community mental health care for children and families: a needs based approach
      Crispin Day, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Researcher, Centre for Parent and Child Support, Head of Southwark Community Child and Family Service, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust


      Promoting child and adolescent mental health - capacity building in Tier 1 professionals
      Sheila Danquah, Parent Advisor Co-ordinator, Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust, Rose Crowe, Parent Advisor, Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust

      B3 Chair: Joyce Horan, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Labour relations: Local Accredited Reps update
      Colin Adkins and Barrie Brown, Regional Officer, Amicus MSF

      B4 Chair: Annie Hair, Executive Member, CPHVA

      ADHD dyslexia and dyspraxia
      Amanda Kirby,Medical Director, The Dyscovery Centre, Cardiff
      (Not available)

      B5 Chair: Amy Bamber, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Using video to advocate for homeless women
      Julia Neall, Regional Development Officer, Sure Start West Midlands,Alison Leask, Regional Development Officer, Sure Start West Midlands,Sally Smith, Parent, Birmingham

      Asylum seekers: rising to the challenge
      Judith Francois, Clinical Team Leader, Homeless Health Team, Croydon PCT,Hilary Howard, Specialist Practitioner, General Practice Nurse, Homeless Health Team, Croydon PCT


      B6 Chair: Alison Allen, Executive Member, CPHVA  

      Loneliness and isolation amongst older people
      Christina Victor, Professor of Social Gerontology, St George’s Hospital Medical

      People first – older people first
      Frankie Dearling, Health Advisor for Older People, Brighton General HospitalFrankie Dearling, Health Advisor for Older People, Brighton General Hospital

      B7 Chair: Pauline Pearson, Executive Member, CPHVA  

      Learning to work with communities: community development
      Yvonne Dalziel, Public Health Practitioner, Lothian Primary Care Trust

      Involving people in the NHS: partners in change Anne Connor, Project Manager, Scottish Human Services Trust

      B8 Chair: Kate Beswick, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Developing services for vulnerable children
      Christine Durance, Consultant Nurse for Vulnerable Children’s Services, Mansfield District Primary Care Trust,Diane Thompson, Children’s Community Nursing, Vulnerable Children’s Services, Mansfield District Primary Care Trust

      Learning from the safeguards – issues for health
      Maddie Blackburn, Review Manager, CHI

      B9a Chair: Prof Ros Bryar, Member CPHVA Research Advisory Group

      Research Papers :


      Promoting breastfeeding by developing a breastfeeding chair for the millennium
      Sally Kendall, Professor of Nursing, University of Hertfordshire,Lynn Jones, Principal Lecturer in Furniture Design, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College


      Mothers’ perceptions of injury risk to pre-school children
      Elaine Haycock-Stuart, Lecturer, Department of Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh


      B9b Chair: Nina Mayor, Member CPHVA Research Advisory Group


      Research Papers:


      Which mothers find the personal child health record most useful?
      Mandy Hampshire, Lecturer in General Practice, School of Community Health Sciences, University of Nottingham


      Genetic Counseling: the experience of parents who have children with disabilities
      Owen Barr, HRB Nursing and Midwifery Research Fellowship, University of Ulster

      Friday 1 November 2002


      Plenary Session:


      Keynote speech - Hazel Blear MP, Under Secretary of State for Public Health

      Developing family and child centre public health roles in nursing
      Pauline Pearson, Chair, CPHVA


      11.30 – 12.30 Concurrent Session C

      C1 Chair: Cheryll Adams, Professional Officer, Research and Practice Development, CPHVA

      The national agenda for research
      Anne Marie Rafferty, Director, Centre for Policy in Nursing Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
      (Not available)


      Tackling research in the field
      Francine Cheater, Professor of Public Health Nursing, University of Leeds

      C2 Chair: Lorna Farr, Executive Member, CPHVA  

      Refocusing to public health – the development of team approaches
      Jenny Hugman, Senior Nurse Professional Lead Project Manager, Stantonbury Health Centre, Milton Keynes


      Development and change in health visiting practice – a modernisation project in East Somerset
      Xena Dion, Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator, New Forest PCT (Project Manager, Health Visiting Review 2001-2002 at time of Project)


      C3 Chair: Joyce Horan, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Labour relations: agenda for change
      Barrie Brown, Regional Officer, Amicus MSF

      C4 Chair: Loretta Crumlich, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Developments in Scotland: The family health nurse and
      public health nursing
      Michael Proctor, Primary Care Development Manager / Nursing Officer, Scottish Executive Health Department,Sue Hickie, Professional Officer, NHS Education for Scotland,Lesley Whyte, Project Officer for Family Health Nursing, Scottish Executive Primary Care Division

      C5 Chair: Kate Beswick, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Sure Start: Reporting on developments
      Linda Evans, Health Visitor, Brighton and Hove Central Sure Start,Breeda Duggan, Operations Manager, Brighton and Hove Central Sure Start


      Sure Start family health workers in South Wales
      Judith Shankleman, Health Team Manager / Health Visitor, Cardiff Sure Start, Ros Harvard, Health Co-ordinator, Cardiff Sure Start


      C6 Chair: Neisha Fielder, Executive Member, CPHVA


      The development and training of a team of bilingual support
      workers working with health visitors in Slough, Berkshire
      Jan Goldsmith, Health Visitor and Community Practice Teacher, Slough Primary Care Trust, Haseen Mughal, Health Advocate Worker, Slough Primary Care Trust


      The ‘Bottom up’ approach
      Janine De-Gale, Community Development Facilitator, Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust ,Catherine Mee, Parenting Facilitator, Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust


      C7 Chair: Annie Hair, Executive Member, CPHVA


      A primary care approach to integrated teams
      Rose Curry, Practice Development Co-ordinator, South PCG in Sunderland,Jill Hollis, Integrated Team Facilitator, South PCG in Sunderland


      Demonstrating putting people first: a new public health leadership role to enable public health approaches, participatory methods and integrated working in mixed community nursing teams
      Donna Webster, Public Health Co-ordinator, Rochdale Healthcare NHS Trust

      C8 Chair: Alison Allen, Executive Member, CPHVA


      The [email protected] project - A national plan for children’s and young peoples health and well-being
      Jane Landon, Associate Director, National Heart Forum

      Hold the front page’ health promotion roadshow for year three pupils
      Mary Rutledge, Nurse Education & Training Co-ordinator, The Heart of Birmingham PCT,Frances Mara, School Nurse / CPT, The Heart of Birmingham PCT,Lorraine Lin, School Nurse, The Heart of Birmingham tPCT


      C9 Chair: Dawn Barran, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Logically illogical, living with autism
      Ros Blackburn, RAFT
      (Not available)


      2.30 – 3.30 Concurrent Session D


      D1 Chair: Tracey Young, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Implementing clinical and social care governance using the European Excellence Model
      Rosemary Hughes, Project Leader, EFQM Armagh and Dungannon Health and Social Serivces Trust


      Clinical practice benchmarking – what can it achieve for you?
      Jane Higgs, Clinical Practice Development Nurse, Wyre PCT,Janet Thomas, Healthcare Co-ordinator Children, Young People and Families, Tameside & Glossop PCT


      D2 Chair: Jane Wragg, Executive Member, CPHVA

      A framework for district nursing
      Kate Lock, Primary Care Development Manager, East Devon Primary Care Group


      The Blackenhalll Nurse Practitioner Unit
      Adam Harrison, Nurse Practitioner, Blakenhall Nurse Practitioner Unit

      D3 Facilitator: Sarah Forester, Professional Officer - Education, CPHVA

      Strategy for Community Development
      Annette James, Sure Start Coordinator, Liverpool, Diane Hawksley,Health Visitor,Leeds,CarolTower and Helen Walsh,Health Development Manager,Preston PCT
      (Not available)

      Practical parenting and family learning
      Maggie Fisher,Health Visitor,Hampshire.Catherine Mee, Parenting Facilitator, Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust,Nina Taylor, Regional Parenting Education Development Officer,Jan Gawler, Lead for Positive Steps Service


      D4 Chair: Carolyn Taylor, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Working with children affected by domestic violence
      Dr Jill Hague, Research Fellow, University of Bristol


      Domestic violence: early identification
      and intervention in primary care
      Margaret Kelly, Nurse Manager, Dunluce Health Centre, Northern Ireland


      D6 Chair: Monica Davis, Executive Member, CPHVA


      Life skills
      Frances Sutherland, Health Visitor, Nurse Representative on the Professional Executive Committee and Board, South Western Staffordshire PCT,Anne Allsop, Community Mental Health Nurse, South Staffordshire Healthcare NHS Trust


      Market stall for health and wellbeing
      Kerry Davies, Health Visitor, Vale of Glamorgan, Emma Underwood, Health Visitor, Vale of Glamorgan, Sarah Russell, Health Visitor, Vale of Glamorgan


      D7a Chair: Vina Mayor, Executive Member, CPHVA

      Research papers:


      Examination of health professionals’ - attitudes and knowledge of the impact of domestic violence on children
      Lysanda Stefany Wajsowicz, Health Visitor, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust

        Multi-professional forums: an evaluation of a structured
        continuing professional education initiative
        Jean Taylor, Senior Lecturer,University of Central Lancashire,Hannah Brotherstone, Research Assistant, University of Central Lancashire

        D7b Chair: Member of CPHVA research advisory group

        Research papers:


        A teenage perspective of the factors contributing to teenage pregnancy
        in a deprived community in Bradford

        Pippa Atkinson, Health Visitor, Bradford South & West PCT


        The barriers facing gypsies and travellers - in need of mental
        health support

        Lucy Appleton, Project Manager, Gypsy and Traveller Mental Health Project, Southeast Sheffield PCT, Rachel Welton, Health Visitor, Traveller Health, Southeast Sheffield PCT


        D8 Chair: Ginny Klein, Executive Member, CPHVA


        Starting well in Glasgow
        Alice Mitchell, Health Visitor Co-ordinator, Starting Well Health Demonstration Project, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust, Linda Wallis, Health Visitor Co-ordinator, Starting Well Health Demonstration Project, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust


        Bumps to babies: a community development approach to maternal and child health
        Melinda Bird, Midwifery Team Leader, James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust, Sue Battersby, Senior Project and Outreach Support Worker, GFS Platform Great Yarmouth Young Women’s Project

        Motivation for Effective Teams
        Frank Dick, OBE, President European Athletics Coach Association



        The Information Management of Health Visitors: with particular reference to their public health and community development activities
        Dr Ruth Bacigalupo University of Sheffield, Department of General Practice and Primary Care / Barnsley Hospital

        Internet Resources for Communtiy Practitioners
        Indi Munasinghe/Margaret Whippy
        Information Resources Department, CPHVA


        National Electronic Library for Health - Primary Care
        Indi Munasinghe/Margaret Whippy
        Information Resources Department, CPHVA


        Saturday 2 November


        Nick Robin Memorial Lecture : Gender and democracy
        Lesley Abdela MBE, Senior Partner in Eyecatcher/Shevolution
        (Not available)


        Leadership: the myths and imperatives
        Professor Beverley Alimo–Metcalfe, Leadership Development Unit, University of Leeds