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Frequently Asked Questions



Accountability/Delegation/Skill Mix

Has the CPHVA got any publications on accountability?

Answer - Yes.Professional Briefing - Delegation and Professional Accountability, CPHVA, 2000.

Breast Feeding

Where can I find information on breast feeding rates in the UK?

Answer - For information, go to Breastfeeding


Where can I find information on bursaries and grants for higher education and research?

Answer - There are many organisations which give grants and bursaries for community nursing/health visiting .
For a list of such organisations, go to Education and access Grants and Bursaries


Where can I find information on caseloads?

Answer - 'Guidelines for Managing Vacant Caseloads' produced by the CPHVA can be purchased from the Bookshop. For more information on caseloads , go to Shared Caseloads, a document produced by the CPHVA. .

Child Protection

Where can I find information on Area Child Protection Committes?

Answer - go to Child Protection section of the website

Courses for Health Visiting

I am interested in finding about courses available for health visitors/community practitioners. Where can I find them?

Answer – go to our education and careers pages or contact:

1. NHS Careers (Tel. 0845 606 655) /

2. The National Boards for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Go to Links.


What do Head Office do?

Answer - Deals with administration, professional and information services, and labour relations.

CPHVA Professional Levy

What is the professional levy?

Answer - This is an additional fee CPHVA members pay on top of the normal MSF membership subscription. The levy is under the direct control of the Director who is accountable to the CPHVA Executive Committee for its use. The levy enables the CPHVA to provide additional professional services to its members which would not otherwise be available, including dedicated professional officer time for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as school nursing, clinical effectiveness, and strategic work on NHS policy.

Community Practice Teachers

What has the CPHVA produced on CPTs?

Answer - A Professional Briefing on Practice educators -Preparing for new roles in the new NHS has been published by the CPHVA.

Domestic Violence

What is the CPHVA policy on domestic violence

Answer - The CPHVA has produced three documents which are:

  • Professional Briefing - Domestic violence : A framework of good practice

  • Domestic violence : The role of the community nurse.

  • Understanding Domestic Violence - A Training Pack

The above publications can be purchased from the Bookshop.


Evidence Based Practice

I’m looking to develop my clinical practice. Where do I find the evidence that other people have generated in relation to my area of interest?

Answer - If you access to the World Wide Web, there are some very good sites for evidence based practice which you can trawl. For some examples of evidence based sites, go to Links

Health Visiting

How many community practitioners are registered within the UK?

Answer - About 30,000.

Where can I get information about the changing role of the health visitor?

Answer - in the current context, the role of the health visitor has changed to fit the public health agenda and the development of primary care groups. For more information, contact the

What do I need in order to be eligible to return to practice?

Answer - Please go to

What are the other useful web resources on Health Visiting?

Answer - You can go to our list of other Web Resources on Health Visiting.

Where can I get information on the changes in health visiting and a family centred public health practice?

Answer - This information is in 'Leading the Future' produced by the CPHVA in 1998. The publication can be purchased from the Bookshop.


Labour Relations

Individual members seeking professional advice or industrial support, the first port of call is your local representative.
If the Rep needs support, they should contact the Regional Officer.
If the Regional Officer needs support, then they can contact the professional team at AMICUS-CPHVA, 337-37, Moreland Street, London EC1V 8HA or the relevant officers in the countries..


Professional Liability Insurance

I would like to find more information on professional liability insurance cover offered by the CPHVA.

Answer - The CPHVA offers professional liability insurance to members. Professional liability insurance policy covers members for up to £3 million. We do not cover self employed members. For more information, go to
Professional Liability Insurance


Where can I find information on Immunisation?

Answer - Please access the following links for information on Immunisation

Health Promotion England

Department of Health

University of Southampton

I would like more information about the after effects of MMR vaccines. Where can I get it from?

Answer - The following links will provide more information on MMR

Statement on the safety of the MMR vaccination programme

Health Promotion England - Immunisation

Health Promotion Englanf MMR Information Pack for Health Professionals

UK Guidance on Best Practice in Vaccine Administration


Infant/Child Health

Bottled Water

How good is the use of bottled water for making infant feeds, particularly when infants are on holiday?

Answer - Bottled water, except that labelled 'natural mineral water', must conform to the same standards as public water and is therefore suitable for infants, after boiling and cooling.

More information in:

Nutrition for the Infant and Young Child : A Guide for Health Visitors
CPHVA/Sainsburys, 2000

Interview Pack

I am applying for a job as a health visitor or school nurse and have to give a presentation. I understand you produce an interview pack. What is in it?

Answer – This is collection of publications which give you basic information about current health visiting, school nursing and community nursing issues. More information

For an interview pack, please send a cheque for £17.50, payable to CPHVA, and details of your postal address to:
CPHVA, 33-37, Moreland Street, London EC1V 8HA

Reading List

CPHVA publications


What are the benefits of CPHVA membership?

Answer – You will have:

  • advice on professional issues, representation and advice on pay, contracts, terms and conditions of employment;

  • a comprehensive annual programme of specialist, professional development, education and training courses, conferences and seminars

  • an information resources centre to answer your enquiries, for reference and research

  • the award winning ‘Community Practitioner’ journal free of charge and the job opportunities supplement free every fortnight

  • indemnity instance cover against claims up to £3 million

  • access to CPHVA networks of special interest groups and databases

Membership Subscriptions for 2004

Nursery Nurses

Please can I have some information on nursery nurses.

Answer - Contact Jenny Bremmner at AMICUS on Tel. 0207 505 7024 and go to Amicus-Health


Old People

Where can I get information ealth visitors work with older people?

Answer - CPHVA has produced a discussion document 'Health Visitors Working with Older People' which can be purchased from the Bookshop.

Postnatal Depression

Where can I get information on postnatal depression and ethnic minoritiees

Answer - The CPHVA has produced a series of booklets in Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, Arabic and Somali for mothers. These can be purchased from the Bookshop. For more information on the subject, go to the Postnatal Depression section of the website.

Primary Care

Where can I find innovations/initiatives in primary care.

Answer - The Centre for Innovations in Primary Care has launched its database of projects in primary care. It is still at an early stage of development, but has many good projects which you could get ideas from. Go to


Professional Development

Where can I get help with professional development?

Answer – If you are a CPHVA member, contact Ruth Hudson, CPHVA officer for professional development on 020 7780 4082. Alternatively you can contact the UKCC or the National Boards for England, Scotland and Wales - go to Links

Publishing in 'Community Practitioner

What are the guidelines for submitting articles for publication in the 'Community Practitioner'?

Answer - Go to 'Guidelines for authors who wish to publish articles in 'Community Practitioner''

Record Keeping

Has the CPHVA produced any publications on record keeping?

Answer - Yes. 'Keeping the Record Straight'. This publication can be ordered directly through the Bookshop via the web site, or by contacting Scott McMillan on Tel. 44 (0)20 8249 4454.


Has the CPHVA got any information on the retirement of health visitors?

Answer - Go to NHS Superannuation Scheme

School Nursing

Where can I get information on the school nursing strategy/framework produced by the CPHVA?

Answer - Go to School Nursing Strategy - 'School Nursing within the Public Health Agenda' for information. This publication can be purchased from the Bookshop.


Where can I get the latest guidance for health visitors on screening

Answer - Go to Health for All Children (Hall 4 report, 4th ed. )


Statistics on Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (England)

Where can I find up to date statistics on health visiting in the UK?

Answer - There are statistics on health visiting available on this web site. Please click on the link above to access the information.

Sure Start Programmes

Where can I find information on Sure Start programmes?

Answer - These programmes vary in England and Wales. A good start would be to find information from the official web site for Sure Start at ht.://, and for Sure Start programmes in Wales, go to

Web Site:

Membership Area

I find it difficult to login to the Members Area. My membership number is not being accepted.

Answer - There are many reasons for not being able to access the membership area:

  • Non validation of membership number. If you are a new member, it takes about 3 weeks for your number to be validated.

  • It may be that you have not read the instructions carefully. Please read the instructions given in the Membership login page. Make sure that you type 0 (zero) instead of O in caps. The password is given on the instructions page.

  • It can also be that the membership number has been entered incorrectly.


I can't find any bibliographic information on the web site.

Answer - The web site searches only dynamic pages i.e. information contained within the web pages on the site. It does not search any static information contained in databases. Therefore, you will be not be able to access journal articles, reports or books.

Hence, to search for journal articles, books and reports, search the CPHVA database. Access the Members Area and click on CPHVA database on the left hand menu.

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