PRODIGY Draft Guidance for Childhood Immunizations

PRODIGY is a source of clinical knowledge about the common conditions and symptoms managed in primary care, and has been designed for use by primary health care professionals and patients. The guidance is developed and kept up to date by a multidisciplinary team at the Sowerby Centre for Health Informatics at Newcastle University, and is funded and owned by the Department of Health.

PRODIGY covers around 160 guidance topics for both acute and chronic illnesses, including most of the conditions that can be managed by extended formulary nurse prescribers. The guidance are structured to support decision making in and out of the consultation and learning ? so that knowledge can be accessed in an appropriate format where and when in it is needed.

PRODIGY guidance can be accessed by using:
The Prodigy decision support system that is available on most GP computers.
The website
The book ? PRODIGY Evidence Based Clinical Guidance.

A summary of evidence and best clinical practice is presented in a Background information/Management issues section; this is too detailed to be read during a consultation and it is written with the intention that it is used primarily as an educational resource.

PRODIGY guidance also has a section that is developed for use during the consultation. This is written in a succinct, easy to read style. To ensure the information is as specific as possible the information is presented in scenarios that represent realistic, distinct clinical situations where specific management is necessary e.g. management of hypertension in a person who also has diabetes.

More information on PRODIGY can be obtained from the website

The PRODIGY authoring team has drafted guidance on Immunization and would greatly appreciate if you could provide any comments you may have on this guidance. An electronic copy of the guidance and the relevant Patient Information Leaflets can be accessed from the links lower down the page.

A committee will be formally reviewing the draft guidance on 30th March 2004. If you wish to make comments for consideration at this review meeting, we would be grateful if you could supply them in writing by 23rd March 04. Correspondence should be sent to Rachael Parslow, Authoring Co-ordinator, SCHIN Ltd, Bede House, All Saints Business Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2ES or faxed to 0191 243 6101 or

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