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Amendments to the prescription only medicines (human use) order 1997 and proposals for supplementary prescribing by nurses and pharmacists

CPHVA agree the proposals agree with option 2

CPHVA agree the independent prescriber should be a Doctor or a Dentist in the first instance. Also we agree that independent nurse prescribers should be able to become supplementary prescribers.

Prescribing partnerships

CPHVA see that in G P practices and clinics the independent prescriber would be the GP or clinic doctor and the supplementary prescriber being the clinic nurse or practice nurse. These professionals would have a close working relationship and regular communication though the clinical management plan. This may be more difficult with the pharmacists who do not at present have access to patient records and confidential information. There are issues of improved information technology to make this happen.

Training and Preparation

There are huge financial cost implications and the cost of locum cover needs to be included. Whether GP's will be willing to allow their practice nurse time to go on 25 training days

CPHVA although agreeing with the principles laid out in the document on supplementary prescribing, but can see that in practice these may not be workable. Given the ever increasing workload in general practice, will GP's be willing to give supplementary prescribing the time it will require.

My reply may be made freely available.

Rosemary McQuarrie. Professional Officer

CPHVA, August 2002