Notes on Advanced Letter Issued by the DOH on Nurses Pay 2002

The Advanced Letter notifying Trusts and other employers of the salary rates for nurses and midwives has now been issued. It is hope that payroll departments can make the necessary adjustments to your salary for inclusion in your April salaries.

A copy of the Advanced Letter will be sent to all LARs. For the first time the CPHVA has reproduced the new scales in a easily kept pay ‘credit card’. This is included with your Journal.

The Advanced Letter fudges the issue of NVQ equivalent qualifications to obtain an extra increment for A and B grade nurses. This has a potential effect on Community Nursery Nurses (see article The Campaign Continues Volume 75 Issue 3 p.108).

Amicus MSF is responding in three ways. Firstly we will issue advice and guidance on this issue to LARs and members of Community Nursery Nurse Network. We are presently seeking some information from the relevant examination bodies. Secondly, we are going to intensify the C grade campaign for all CNNs. A guide booklet will shortly be available. Finally, we will be raising our concerns directly with the Secretary of State.

Department of Health - Advanced letter/Recommended Salary Scales 2002