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The Medical Centre, Rhine Area Support Unit, Rheindahlen, BFPO 40


Smoking Cessation Group Community Services Audit Report - 2002


The Community Health Services Audit Report - 1999


The Community Health Services Audit Report 1999

‘In Health for all Children’ Hall defines intervention as ‘an activity initiated by a professional intended to deal with a problem affecting health or development. It should take account of the needs and views of the individual, and should aim to develop self-reliance rather than create dependence.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has produced authoritative guidance in the attainment of consistent clinical standards. One of the key stages in this process is the examination and assessment of clinical effectiveness of health interventions.

    The Rhine Business Plan for 1999 – 2000 states an intention to adopt the principles of the Government’s Clinical Excellence. Two of the stages in this process are relevant:


        • .Be proactive with audit and establish new benchmarks for quality of care
        • to obtain client evaluation of health visiting interventions.
        • . To determine demand for the structured delivery of intervention


        A Health Visiting Intervention questionnaire was issued to all clients send during the audit period.

        The Practitioners and Client Sample : Two health visitors were involved in the audit at the Rheindhalen Medical Centre. The health visiting caseloads comprises 480 families.


        A total of 33 questionnaires were returned representing 15% sample of the Health Visiting Caseloads.

        The issues considered were clinical effectiveness; client evaluation; restructured delivery of intervention and parenting issues.


        This audit indicates that Rheindahlen Health Visitor interventions are clinically effective. In the general consultation setting there is a 53% resolution or improvement and 80% in the parenting consultations.

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        Rhine Area

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