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Pay and Conditions/Labour Relations

Professional support and advice on pay and conditions is provided by the Amicus-Msf NHS section. Please contact your local area representative who can refer you to the nearest MSF regional office if necessary.

For more information on labour relations can be found on the AMICUS web site.

Some documents are accessible only in .pdf format

Pay and Conditions - Health Visitors/School Nurses

Labour Relations

School Nurses

Agenda for Change

Job Profiles

Job Evaluation Handbooks


Pay and Conditions:

AMICUS-CPHVA - Recommended salary scales for community nurses

CPHVA Press Release - Health Visitors Call For 'Substantial' Pay Rise - CPHVA evidence submitted collectively to the Review Body (RB) by the Staff Side

September 2001, Evidence to the Pay Review Body For Nursing Staff, Midwives and Health Visitors

School Nurses - Term Time Only Contracts

School Nurses

New profile for Nurse Advanced (Schools) (band 7) in NM.CS

Collective Regrading of School Nurses school nurse grading appeals - employed by City Hospitals Sunderland

School Nurse Regrading - the distinctions between F & G grades for nurses

Continuing Responsibility - Issue of 'continuing care' for school nurses. Continuing responsibility still applies when there is a corporate caseload within health visiting/community nursing

Agenda for Change:

Change for the better not for the worse - Amicus evidence to the pay review body - 2005

AMICUS -Update - Modernisation and Standardisation

RCN urges GPs to adopt agenda. The letter can be downloaded from RCN website.

AMICUS - Press Release - Amicus Members Vote for Agenda for Change

Amicus Health - Agenda for Change - Ballot Book

Amicus-Health - Press Release - NHS Union votes on Agenda for Change

Amicus-Health - Specialist Health Visitor profile will lead to further pay advance - Reps Direct 318

Amicus Health - Pay modernisation and Job standardisation in the NHS - Gail Cartmail, Amicus National Officer for Health

Amicus-Health - Proposed Agenda for Change Agreement -September 2004

Amicus-Health - Agenda for Change - Review of experience in the early implementer sites, August 2004

AMICUS-HEALTH - Agenda for Change: Joint Statement from the Shadow Executive [RD302] - The review of the early implementers is nearing completion.

Amicus-Health - Agenda for Change Review

AMICUS Health - Job Description Guidance

AMICUS Health - Shadow Executive advice on job descriptions ; Job Descriptions and Practice Matching

CPHVA Press Release; Position Statement

Become an Agenda for Change Rep' application form and description. Join the winning team with Amicus MSF.

AMICUS -MSF - Interested in becoming a Agenda for Change Union Rep? If you are, contact Keith Hutson, Amicus, 3, Acton Square, The Crescent, Salford, Machester M5 4NY. Tel. 0161 745 7300

AMICUS-HEALTH - Agenda for Change

Department of Health:

Agenda for Change - Knowledge and Skills Framework Development Group - Update on the Development of KSF Outlines

Department of Health - Agenda for Change - Final Agreement, Nov. 26, 2004
Department of Health - NHS terms and conditions of service handbook
Agenda for Change - Health Visitor Job Profiles - October 2004

Knowledge and skills framework (NHS KSF) and development review process - October 2004

Agenda for Change - Staff booklet - What will it mean for you? - A guide for staff

Agenda for Change Final Draft Documentation

Agenda for Change (EI) Pay Circular - 2004 and Pay bans for staff in early implementor sites covered by Agenda for Change effective from 1 April 2004/2005

Agenda for Change - Joint Statement

Pay Modernisation Checklist

Agenda for change : Proposed agreement

Agenda for Change - modernising the NHS pay system

The NHS knowledge and skills framework (NHS KSF) and development review guidance - working draft

Job Profiles

The documents below give details of the job weighting scheme to enable job evaluation and placing them in the relevant bands.

National Profile for Community Nursing - October 2005

Guidance for community practitioners and community nurses on the job evaluation profiles. This is an initial advice and guidance document. This will be developed as new profiles are generated.

Job Profiles - September 2005

Job Evaluation Handbooks

Job evaluation handbook (October 2004)

Job evaluation handbook - health visitor and district nurse profiles.

Job evaluation handbook - school nurse profiles

Guidance on the job evaluation profiels - Practice Nurses

Job evaluation handbook - community practice teacher (health visitor) profiles.


Pensions Information - the website for the NHS scheme - www.nhspa.gov.uk has all the current booklets and information.

NHS Superannuation Scheme for Community Practitioners - for information on retirement, life insurance and family benefits, pensions, and ill health

Professional Indemnity Cover

Modernisation Review 2003

Labour Relations

Becoming a Locally Accredited Rep

For information on labour relations, go to AMICUS web site


Related Information

Agenda for Change- New talks on unsocial hours, April 2005 13(31), pp.33.