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The Solihull Approach : Open Learning Resource Pack


Open Learning Resource Pack

The Solihull Approach is a new open learning resource pack for health visitors and care professionals who work with families and children under five. It is the result of a partnership between Solihull Primary Care Trust and the University of Central England. It is particularly relevant to those working with children with sleeping, feeding, toileting and behavioural difficulties. It is a highly practical approach to working with families within a robust theoretical structure. It contains practical leaflets and resources to use with children and families. Reflective questions and activities are included in the Pack for personal learning, although 12 academic credits at Level 3 can also be gained.

A research article published in the Community Practitioner (Douglas and Ginty, 2001) showed that it does change practice. Recent research, (Douglas and Brennan, submitted August 2001) demonstrated the effectiveness of the Solihull Approach in helping children and parents. Parental anxiety has been shown to reduce by 64% within 3 visits. The child's difficulty has been shown to significantly improve. A third research project is about to commence.

Comments from health professionals who have used the pack:

‘It took me to a different level of understanding’

‘Using the Solihull Approach has widened my scope for thought – taken the blinkers off’

‘Now I have the appropriate words, I am surprised by how much I can share with clients in a non-critical way’

‘Using the Solihull Approach has made me look at the family more, looking at family dynamics rather than focusing on the immediate problem – I feel more confident that I can open parents to the wider issues’

‘The Solihull Approach has made me look at what the baby/child is telling us. Before I did not really understand this and therefore did not listen and was not able to interpret the process’

Training in the Solihull Approach

In addition to this individual learning resource pack, we provide several training options.

Some NHS Trusts around the UK are training all their health visitors in the Solihull Approach. It complements the use of the Edinburgh Post-natal Depression Scale and parent training packages. It also works where a group of specialist health visitors have been trained, for example in Hilton Davis’s model. The Solihull Approach is for all health visitors. Where Trusts have trained a group of specialist health visitors, the Solihull Approach supports this by helping all health visitors with their caseload.

For Sure Start projects the Solihull Approach is suitable for all the Sure Start team, for workers of all backgrounds. It complements the Sure Start ethos by empowering parents. It is also effective in reducing parents' anxiety and in reducing the child's difficulty, thereby improving the emotional health of both the child and the parents. This will contribute positively to most of the Sure Start outcome measures.

We can provide the initial training for all your staff.

We can also provide a 'train the trainers' training module for a core group of your staff, where large numbers of staff are involved and support them as they cascade the training to their colleagues.

Occasionally, when we do our own in-house training there are a few places available for individuals from other areas.

Comments from participants in the training:

‘Excellent course. Built on my existing knowledge and has inspired me to develop further in my work with parent and babies. It helps morale to realise how health visitors can be vital in helping to prevent problems developing between parents and their babies.’ Health Visitor, Plymouth.

‘Should be available to all health visitors.’ Health Visitor, Chesterfield.

‘This has been one of the most informative (and dare I say it) exciting sessions I have attended. Impressive facilitation.’ Health Visitor, Bristol.

‘Absolutely brilliant.’ Health Visitor, Chesterfield.

‘Thank you. It strikes me that the model of health visiting I have wanted is here.’ Health Visitor, Bristol.

‘A very enjoyable and stimulating 2 days – should be incorporated into all health visitor training.’ Health Visitor, Plymouth

Costs and Contacts

Cost (training): For a two-day training package with two trainers, £800 plus travel. This would cover upto 12 potential trainers or a larger number of staff. Each participant would also require a resource pack at the reduced rate of £35.
For attending our in-house training and to discuss costs please register your interest with the contact below.
Contact (training): Solihull Approach Co-ordinator, Craig Croft Clinic, Craig Croft, Chelmsley Wood, West Midlands, B37 7TR
Phone 0121 770 4456
Fax 0121 770 4496

Cost (resource pack): £39.99 plus £5 postage.

Contact (resource pack): , Faculty of Health and Community Care, UCE, Ravensbury House, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TN

Phone 0121 331 6173
Fax 0121 331 6009