Pay and Conditions/Labour Relations

Professional support and advice on pay and conditions is provided by the Amicus-Msf NHS section. Please contact your local area representative who can refer you to the nearest MSF regional office if necessary.

For more information on labour relations can be found on the AMICUS web site.

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Pay and Conditions
Labour Relations

Pay and Conditions


Agenda for Change - CPHVA Press Release ; Position Statement;
News Brief; Publications ; A Commentary
(Amicus Union);

UNISON backs Agenda for Change

Department of Health:
Pay Modernisation Checklist
Nurses vote on pay and conditions
Government welcomes RCN ‘yes vote’


Remuneration for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors - The Review Body for Nursing Staff, Midwives and Health Visitors makes recommendations for the remuneration of these professional groups working for the NHS.

Department of Health - Advanced Letter/ Recommended National Salary Scales - 1April 2002

CPHVA Press Release - Health Visitors Call For 'Substantial' Pay Rise - CPHVA evidence submitted collectively to the Review Body (RB) by the Staff Side
September 2001, Evidence to the Pay Review Body For Nursing Staff, Midwives and Health Visitors
Pensions Information - the website for the NHS scheme - has all the current booklets and information.
NHS Superannuation Scheme for Community Practitioners - for information on retirement, life insurance and family benefits, pensions, and ill health
Professional Indemnity Cover
School Nurses - Term Time Only Contracts

Labour Relations

Becoming a Locally Accredited Rep

For information on labour relations, go to AMICUS web site