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Amicus/CPHVA Website - Members' Area


Please read instructions very carefully

You are about to enter the members only part of the website which will give you access to:

" the CPHVA database
" the Professional Briefings
" Consultations
" Information Services

When you click on the link below, you will be asked to enter a User name and Password.
User Name
The User name is your AMICUS/CPHVA membership number, which is on your membership card.
Membership Numbers

Older membership numbers are a mixture of letters and numbers. If your membership number begins 0H0, please note that you should type the numeral 0 (zero) and not the letter O and use a capital H. e.g. 0H023451

New Numbers - These are only numerics and will not have letters. e.g. 20345678

The password changes periodically and changes published in the `news` pages of Community Practitioner. From January 2006 it is dodo2006 (lowercase, no spaces).
Logging in problems
If you have trouble logging in, please check your membership number and password in case you have mis-typed.
Remember that the User ID and passwords are case sensitive. If you are still unable to log-in, please contact Information Resources on 0207 780 4022/4023

Enter members' area

NOTE: If members are failing to login please note the following:

*Membership may have expired
*Failure to read login instructions
*Keyboard typing errors
*Technical problems - please try later


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