MMR Review Concludes Combined Jab is Safe

The scientist behind the latest review of research concerning the MMR vaccine has stated that the risk of developing autism 'doesn't exist as such'. Professor Joe Collier acknowledged that while no vaccine was entirely safe, there was no evidence to suggest that the measles, mumps and rubella inoculation would generate serious long-term side-effects.

Speaking on the 'Today' programme this morning Professor Collier asserted: 'It's much, much safer than the underlying conditions it's designed to prevent; of itself any vaccination can cause problems but autism doesn't seem to be one of them.'

Professor Collier claimed that his assessment had been thorough, lasting seven months and taking in all the available evidence from the global scientific community. He insisted the link between autism and MMR, first discovered by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, was nothing more than a coincidental correlation bound to appear when an entire infant population is routinely inoculated.

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