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16 OCTOBER 2003



Nursery nurses are celebrating a double boost this week - to their professional status and to their pay packets.

The Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association at its AGM in Harrogate voted to welcome nursery nurses to its membership. CPHVA delegates voted to drop their view that a registered nurse qualification was a pre-requisite for membership.

The CPHVA is the first nursing union to offer full membership to nursery nurses.

And, secondly, the UK's nursery nurses are set to receive an approximate 2,000 increase to their salaries under the new Agenda for Change pay structure. This follows a grading campaign by the Amicus trade union.

The AGM vote means that the 900 nursery nurses who belong to the CPHVA's parent union, Amicus will now be eligible for CPHVA membership.

Mark Jones, the CPHVA's director, said: 'I am delighted that our AGM has voted so enthusiastically and progressively to welcome nursery nurses into membership.'

'We live in a time of evolution in the NHS and it is logical that the CPHVA should become the natural home for nursery nurses.'

'The greater the membership, the stronger is our voice to speak up for the specialisms which come under the CPHVA flag.'

The announcement that nursery nurses are now set to come under Band 4 of the new pay structure was made at the first ever national conference of nursery nurses held in Norwich. It is dependent on the Amicus union ratifying the final Agenda for Change package early next summer.

Gail Cartmail, the Amicus Head of Health said: 'This is a complete vindication of our campaign under the Agenda for Change umbrella to get nursery nurses properly upgraded.'

The increase is due to go into nursery nurse pay packets in October 2004. Those nursery nurses working for the Early Implementer trusts will receive their increase immediately.

Gail Cartmail said: 'For too long the talents, responsibilities and hard work of nursery nurses have not been appreciated by employers - this pay increase is long overdue and is to be warmly welcomed.'

Amicus has 100,000 members working in the health sector.



CPHVA membership is open to nursery nurses who hold a recognised qualification: S/NVQ3 or equivalent.

For further information, please ring

Gail Cartmail 07768 931 305

Mark Jones 07768 737773

Shaun Noble (CPHVA Communications Officer) 07768 69 39 40

CPHVA press releases can be seen on the CPHVA web site:

The CPHVA represents health visitors, school nurses, practice nurses and registered nurses working in the community in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The CPHVA is an autonomous professional section of the amicus trade union. MSF joined with the AEEU to form amicus, the UK’s second largest union, on 1 January 2002.

Amicus/MSF represents 65,000 health service professionals including the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, laboratory scientific staff, the College of Health Care Chaplains, the Community Psychiatric Nurses Association, the Medical Practitioners' Union, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, the Hospital Physicists Association and the Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association.

Amicus/MSF has 400,000 skilled and professional members in a wide range of industries. It is the UK's second largest union.