The role of nurses under the new GMS contract

The role of nurses in England under the new GMS contract is explained in a new briefing paper published by the NHS Confederation and the National Primary and Care Trust Development Programme.

Key points:
  • The new contract will be a practice-based contract frontline nurses can extend their interests from the clinical to the business aspects involved in a practice. They will be able to take on a more strategic role within primary care if they wish. The contract will allow them to become partners in the practice or to form a limited company (provided at least one GP is a signatory on the contract).
  • Nurses could become sub or specialist providers of services such as sexual health, minor surgery, vaccinations and immunisations, since practices will be able to opt out of providing additional and out-of-hours services.
  • The team-based emphasis of the contract will facilitate better use of the skill mix within the practice and help the nursing team to provide more integrated patient care.
  • PCT lead nurses will need to ensure that all frontline nurses have access to appropriate training, professional advice and continuing professional development
  • PCT lead nurses will also have a key role to play in analysing and interpreting clinical data so that the Quality and Outcomes Framework can be implemented.
  • The new contract will promote opportunities for better networking, cross-practice activity and joint working with the PCT.
Copies of the briefing can be obtained by calling 0870 444 5841; fax 0870 444 5842 or email