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Practice Nursing

The future heralds a new emerging – and enhanced role for practice nurses as part of the Government’s healthcare agenda for the next decade. The New GP contract have an effect on many aspects of the practices role. The Amicus/CPHVA is committed to campaigning for practice nurses to have equal pay and employment conditions.
Devolution in the UK means that each constituent country is developing its own healthcare policy. This has implications for practice nurses and the CPHVA makes representations to ensure that the practice nurse role is properly understood and valued.
21/06/06 - Doctors are failing to tell diabetic people about UK driving rules
Many health professionals are still not telling insulin treated diabetic patients that they should check their blood glucose before driving. Under the regulations of the United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, insulin dependent diabetic patients must inform the agency of their condition, must test their blood glucose before they drive, and must wait 45 minutes to drive after they have had a hypoglycaemic attack. There are about five fatal crashes a year involving hypoglycaemia and 45 serious events a month, according to police notifications to the agency. Source: BMJ 2006;332:812 8 April 2006

12/06/06 - The CNO's bulletin for June 2006 contains information on the following:

1) reorganisation of PCTs and SHAs; this should lead to new opportunities for nurses to take on new and extended roles in the community
2) treating patients with dignity
3) the Health and Social care awards
4) auditing midwifery services
5) delivering the 18wk pathway from GP referral to hospital treatment
5) improvements in palliative care
6) new guidance to tackle obesity
7) new skills and competency framework for safeguarding

It can be downloaded at

NMC - The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) - revised post-registration requirements - Aug. 2006

25/05/06 - A review of issues and positive practice in supporting parents with learning difficulties and their children, has been issued by the Baring Foundation. There is the actual document (quite long) and an 8 page summary. This information would be a useful overview for newly qualified health visitors, community nursery nurses and school nurses. It flags up the need for joint training with other professionals, as this sort of work is often not covered by NHS training. For practitioners who are already involved with this work, there is a list of recommendations, many of which could be implemented locally. For further information go to:


16/05/06 - Department of Health - Adult congenital heart disease - A commissioning guide for services for young people and Grown Ups with Congenital Heart Disease (GUCH)


20/04/06 - Amicus-CPHVA Press Release - Practice nurses get '10 per cent of top GPs pay


13/04/06 - Please see the new Green Pages on the members' area. This month there is information about the new Amicus/CPHVA structures, some further information about NICE consultations, and information about the work of the nursery nurse forum, amongst other items.


16/05/06 - Department of Health - The CNO's monthly newsletter has articles about - Small Change, Big Difference.

  • mental health;
  • dignity for older people;
  • an e-learning tool to train nurses as prescribers;
  • the NHS Connecting for Health conference;
  • maternity support workers;
  • resources for community matrons;
  • and the new public health initiative
Practice Nursing and the Amicus/CPHVA  
Nurse Prescribing and the Amicus/CPHVA  

Agenda for Change - Guidance on job profiles.
More information


New primary care nurse role



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