Press Releases - Introduction

Welcome to the media relations' pages of the CPHVA and NHS sections.

On these pages you can view the press releases put out by the MSF/CPHVA section, NHS and CPNA during the last six months. As you can see, the range of topics covered is very varied - from reaction to Government initiatives to media work in support of current campaigns on behalf of the membership.

I believe that press releases give a very good snap shot of the current work of MSF's health sector. Quite complex subjects are distilled into eight-to-ten paragraphs, which is helpful for those seeking a quick update.

As Professional Communications Officer for the CPHVA, I also produce the press releases for the MSF/NHS section. All the press releases can be seen on the CPHVA's own web site. If you have any questions about the media coverage, please contact me on 020 7939 7043. My e-mail address is

Shaun Noble