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16 January 2001


Health union today (Tuesday, 16 January) welcomed the decisive action by the Secretary of State at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, which has resulted in the resignation of Chief Executive, Ken Williams.

MSF Head of Health Roger Kline said today:

"MSF had had concerns for a long time about the management style at this hospital which has undermined staff morale.

The unwillingness of the hospital management to face up to difficult issues led the Community Health Council to report the Trust to the Commission for Health Improvement last year over its handling of an inquiry into the Cardiology service when the Trust sought to scapegoat a junior manager rather than tackle systemic problems.

In particular, MSF has been concerned that there has been an unwillingness to accept constructive criticism and an apparent determination to root out its main critics. Later this spring, MSF will be taking a major employment tribunal claim against the Trust and its former Chief Executive in respect of the unfair dismissal of Monica Carmichael, MSF member, cardiology technician and secretary of the trade union staff side at the hospital."



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