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19 June 2000


Health union MSF today (Monday, 19 June) warned East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust that failure to bring the privatised pathology service at Lister Hospital, Stevenage back into the NHS would be counter to the best of interest of the health service.

On Wednesday, 21 June the hospital committee advising on the contract, which is due for renewal, will make its recommendation to be discussed by the Trust Board on 5 July.

MSF Head of Health, Roger Kline said today "The local GPs, consultants and pathology staff want the privatised contract to end. Bringing pathology services back into the NHS was an assurance by Health Minister, Alan Milburn which MSF welcomed at the time."

"For both these reasons, the contract must not be renewed. Nor do we want any kind of partnership with the private sector. This is a service best delivered by the NHS."

MSF Regional Officer, John Simmons warned that MSF, whose local representatives had had great difficulty getting involved in the local decisions on this, would regard any refusal to end the contract most seriously.

"There is no good reason to extend this contract. Pathology services are excluded PFI contracts and we expect the Lister Hospital contract with Unilabs in Stevenage to come back in-house and end another chapter of Conservative dogma."



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