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27 July 2000


Health union MSF today welcomed the NHS Plan as a potential milestone for Health Services.

MSF Head of Health Roger Kline said that the increased funding provided an opportunity that must not be flittered away.

"There are many aspects of the National Plan that we welcome but we are concerned that its call for flexibility must be set in a framework of effective and safe practice by all staff.

Our recent experience shows it is all too easy for local NHS Trusts to rush through badly planned ideas to increase efficiency & flexibility, without involving staff and ensuring there are sufficient competent staff to deliver services safely".

Roger Kline added that it was essential that the new Plan was implemented within the framework of the best Human Resources policies within the NHS. For example, plans for more extended hours could conflict with family friendly policies. Similarly better services will require more scientists, technicians & therapists as well as more doctors & nurses.

Roger Kline added, "We look forward to being involved at every lev/el to make sure that the extra funding really delivers better services"



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