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4 October, 2000


Health union MSF (Wednesday, 4 October) attacked the Conservative health plans as a further lurch towards privatisation of healthcare.

MSF Head of Health Roger Kline said that greater incentives to go private or to involve the private sector in the NHS were the exact opposite of what was needed.

He said: "The plans outlined at the Conservative Party conference make virtually no mention of public health, hardly mention staff other than doctors and nurses, and will cause serious long term harm to healthcare by making the profit motive central to NHS funding and delivery.

"We have had our own concerns about what Labour means about the public private partnership, but Labour's commitment to a publicly funded equitable NHS is clear.

"These proposals spell out how close the links are between Conservative Central Office and the private healthcare sector. I'm afraid they are going to face the charge that the NHS is not safe in their hands."



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