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9 October 2000


Health union MSF today welcomed the publication of the NHS Human Resources Framework for England as a significant step forward, MSF Head of Health Roger Kline said today (Monday, 9 October).

"MSF has long argued there was a huge gap between good national policies and what was happening on the ground. Our own detailed survey earlier this year showed that only a small minority of trusts were implementing the majority of the new policies set out by Ministers.

"For many of our members little has changed in their trust. Ministers and civil servants have listened to our evidence and this new framework looks like a determined attempt to stop backsliding and set standards we will be comfortable with.

"We still have concerns about whether some trusts will prioritise good employment practice and serious doubts about the skills and capacity of HR staff in some trusts and at regional level. However if this framework is delivered then it ill undoubtedly make real difference to our members lives.

Roger Kline added: "MSF will have a key role in ensuring these policies turn into practice. Our representatives will be performance managing from below and will whistleblow on any employer who blatantly ignores this framework."



Copies of MSF's survey on the implementation of good HR practice is available from and copies of our Handbook The 29 Steps are available from

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