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CPHVA Monthly Media Digest Sept/Oct 2002


Coverage generated by press releases during September-October 2002. Press release titles in bold.

Please note that the list of media ‘credits’ is not meant to be exhaustive. Some cuttings take time to come in, so the digest includes results received this month from releases sent out in previous months.

Besides, the CPHVA web site, the press releases are also sent to four other websites (listed below): - "the largest specialist health news agency in Europe" – backed by insurance company Eagle Star as "a brand building exercise" – the Nursing Times website - site of the Public Management Journal


Mark Jones is new CPHVA director

Nursing Standard – an interview on Mark’s vision

Heart Forum magazine - carries appointment

300% fee hike idea for health workers opposed by amicus

Therapy Weekly - Roger Spiller quoted as protesting about "300%" hike

Modernising Child Protection conference

Nursing Times - carries news feature Past failures prompt drive for innovation to tackle child abuse

Nursing Standard – carries news feature Health workers overlook shaken baby syndrome

 Health visitors call for ‘substantial’ pay rise

Nursing Times – Community nurses in need of cash boost

Nursing Standard – carries story calling for ‘substantial’ rise - site of the Public Management Journal – The Emperor’s Tailors – two page article on CPHVA’s pay claim.

New chair for the CPHVA

Whitley Bay Guardian – carries story on Carolyn Taylor


CPHVA welcomes possibilities for closer collaboration between health and social care

Nursing Times – Rosemary McQuarrie quoted on Milburn’s speech

CPHVA is keen to engage in discussion around the development of Children’s Trusts

Plymouth’s Director of Public Health wins leadership award


Nursing Standard – carries story

Parents targeted in Welsh passive smoking campaign


Other media mentions

Nursing Times


  1. CPHVA mentioned in opinion piece re: campaigning to protect children from the advertising of unhealthy foods.

  2. Obi Amadi call for equality as HIV asylum seeker may get cash to feed her baby

    formula milk

  3. Barrie Brown expresses concern about lack of computerisation for Agenda for

    Change job evaluation

  4. CPHVA says health visitors have vital role in identifying elderly in danger from alcohol abuse

5. Dairy item on mark Jones at the Nursing Times Awards ceremony

Nursing Standard

1. Pat Jackson quoted in article re: NMC’s plans to shake-up the register

  1. Mark Jones says that child health programmes should receive same funding as adult initiatives in article on child obesity

3. Mark Jones comments on first national suicide strategy, saying that practice nurses

had their part to play.

4.CPNA’s raises concerns about proposed Mental Health Bill

5. Mark Jones calls for a review of financial packages offer to nurse returners

6. CPHVA warns some areas are cutting back on child protection

7. Pat Jackson warns government against ‘scare mongering’ over health staff being vaccinated re: biological warfare attack on the UK

8. CD-Rom on vaccine administration endorsed by CPHVA

9. Roger Spiller quoted on Agenda for Change talks

10. Extending ‘Section 28’ in the NHS criticised by Pat Jackson

11. Mark Jones calls a review of financial packages offered to returning nurses

12. Delay on 66 issues for Agenda for Change is frustrating says CPHVA policy officer, Colin Adkins

13. Mark Jones says it is discriminatory to pay directors of nursing in PCTs less than in the acute sector

14. Mark Jones said that it would be easy for Alan Milburn to allow nurses to prescribe drugs for wider purposes.

Practice Nurse

  1. Rosemary McQuarrie says in annual report that improved conditions for practice nurses is high on the agenda

  2. Barrie Brown supports idea of cost of living allowances for all practice staff

  3. Barrie Brown calls for improved pay for practice nurses

4. Mark Jones writes editorial for Practice Nurse

5. Lead story ‘CPHVA to push pros of working for PCTs’


The Independent – Pat Jackson quoted on the changing role of school nurses

Regional press

Birmingham Post – carries story re: Mark Jones letter on smacking loophole


1. Heart Forum magazine – carries Rosemary Hughes’ apt to Commission for Health Improvement

2. Business Britain magazine – quotes CPHVA on new flu injections offered by ASDA

3. Pregnancy and Birth magazine – Briege Coyle (photo) interviewed on PND

4. Health Now (consumer magazine for 18-25yr olds) – Cheryll Adams quoted on US study saying that nurse shortages led to proportionately increased patient deaths

5. Therapy Weekly – Colin Adkins quoted on ‘propagandist’ targets for increased therapists

6. Health Which? – Colin Adkins and Shaun Noble quoted on staff crisis in community health services

Letters to the media

The Independent- Mark Jones signs joint letter on ‘Parents need better ways than "reasonable chastisement"’

Shaun Noble,

CPHVA Professional Communications Officer,

October, 2002




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