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19 March 2001

Primary Care ‘Czar’ Welcomed by CPHVA

Health visitors and community nurses are seeking an early meeting with the new primary care ‘czar’ announced by the Prime Minister today (Monday, 19 March).

The Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association welcomed the appointment of Dr David Colin-Thome, a practicing GP, as the first National Director for Primary Care Services.

The CPHVA’s Director, Jackie Carnell said: "DR Colin-Thome is a strong advocate of the development of the role of nurses, including those of health visitors and community nurses."

"We hope that he will embrace the workforce agenda in its totality – including the recruitment and retention of nurses and the development of their role within the primary care framework – and not just concentrate on the medical profession."

"He has a good track record in understanding these issues and we, not only congratulate him on his appointment, but would welcome an opportunity for an early meeting to explore his thinking on these matters."




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The CPHVA is an autonomous professional section of the Manufacturing, Science and Finance union. The CPHVA represents 18,000 health visitors, school nurses, practice nurses and registered nurses working in the community in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.