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14 August 2001

CPHVA welcomes ‘Openness’ over Baby Milk Botulism scare

Health visitors have welcomed the decision to withdraw baby formula products in the wake of fears about botulism as ‘sensible pre-emptive action’.

However, the news that the manufacturer SMA is withdrawing two of its products – SMA Gold and White with expiry dates 28 October and 28 November 2001 – has raised a number of issues for the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA).

The CPHVA’s lead professional officer (health visiting), Obi Amadi said: ‘While we welcome the decision to withdraw these products as a sensible measure, we, as an Association have always believed, that breast milk is the best option for babies.’

‘We are concerned that these baby milk formula products are a relatively expensive purchase for parents, especially for those on low incomes, and I am glad that SMA will be making a full refund to customers.’

‘I understand that SMA will be giving the most comprehensive advice possible to parents to allay their fears. Openness and frankness is the best route to follow at this particular time when, naturally, parents are worried.’



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