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Monthly media digest

January – March 2004

Coverage generated by press releases during January – March, 2004. Press release titles in bold

Please note that the list of media ‘credits’ is not meant to be exhaustive. Some cuttings take time to come in, so the digest includes results received this month from releases sent out in previous months.

Besides, the CPHVA website, the press releases are also sent to five other websites (listed below):

www.health-news.co.uk - "the largest specialist health news agency in Europe"

www.justfornurses.co.uk – backed by insurance company Eagle Star as "a brand building exercise"

www.nursingtimes.net – the Nursing Times website

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal




Call for Ombudsmen to eradicate bullying in the NHS

Sunday Times – Karen Reay quoted in half-page article on bullying in the workplace

New Northern Ireland chair for CPHVA

Nursing Times – carries story

TV junk food crackdown welcomed by CPHVA

Scottish Primary Care – quotes Mark Jones

Health visitors and school nurses could be ‘marginalised’ by children’s Green Paper

Nursing Standard – quotes CPHVA as responding to Green Paper


Charting the way forward for Scotland’s nursery nurses and practice nurses in 2004

Practice Nurse – carries advance story on practice nurse conference

Public Health News – carries conference details

Channel Five drama about MMR presents unbalanced picture

Nursing Standard – CPHVA quoted as saying programme was ‘misleading’

District nurses in London have a ‘raw deal’ – London conference will hear

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – carries story

Nursing Standard – full-page on conference

Nursing Times – ‘District nurses raise doubts over pay’

Public Health News - cover conference with three different stories

- District nurses becoming key public health workers

  • CPHVA moves public health up the agenda
  • New opportunities for service delivery under nGMS

Community Care – interviews Barrie Brown on the pay aspect

Nursing Standard – quotes Barrie Brown’s view on Agenda for Change

CPHVA conducts largest ever survey of members’ needs

Public Health News – carries story

Primary Care – carries story

Children and young people’s commissioner to address Northern Ireland conference on the future of families

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal

Community Care magazine – mentions commissioner’s speech

GMTV – interviews Children’s Commissioner

Downtown Radio – interviews Briege Coyle

New Education Officer for the CPHVA

Nursing Standard – carries Pauline Byers’ appointment

Public Health News – carries the appointment

New Children’s Commissioner for England welcomed – but role needs to be strengthened

Nursing Standard – Mark Jones quoted

‘Health services to families face cuts in Aylesbury area’

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – carries article

Central TV – Lesley Sapsford, CPHVA Bucks chair, interviewed

BBC regional TV – covers story

BBC Three Counties radio – Lesley Sapsford interviewed

Mix 96 (Aylesbury radio) - " " " "

Bucks Herald (10 March – ‘Care trust faces protest over job cut plan’

" " " (17 March) – ‘We will fight to save health jobs’

" " " " " - Saddened mum writes letter of protest to paper

Nursing Times – carries story

Public Health News with photo

CHI survey ‘reinforces need for Ombudsmen to tackle bullying’, says health union

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – carries article

Nursing Times – carries the CPHVA stance

Doctors in Amicus protests as government prepares to chop up and sell off British General Practice

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – carries article

BBC website – carries story

Other media mentions

Nursing Times

  1. CPHVA says that NMC fee hike is ‘unfair’
  2. Pat Jackson calls for ‘holistic’ service to cut STI rates
  1. Gail Cartmail quoted on registration fees debate in NT comment piece
  2. Pat Jackson outlines school nurse concerns in feature article on cannabis law
  3. Barrie Brown quoted in feature article on Agenda for Change
  4. CPHVA backs NMC fee hike
  5. Kate Boles, NI chair writes opinion piece on ‘My passion for health visiting’
  6. Mark Jones on the link between public protection and regulation

Nursing Standard

  1. Barrie Brown quoted say CPHVA would study impact on wages of the new government way of measuring inflation.
  2. Gail Cartmail quoted on timing of second Amicus Agenda for Change ballot
  3. ‘Do not presume guilt’ in cot death, says Mark Jones
  4. New chair of QNI, Rosalynde Lowe was former CHPHVA chair
  5. ‘140% fee hike’ by NMC backed by CPHVA
  6. Mark Jones quoted on drive to expand nurse prescribing
  7. Pat Jackson said it would be better if school nurses oversaw immunisation campaigns, rather than just delivering them
  8. Barrie Brown quoted on September ballot for AfC
  9. Mark Jones says health visitors and district nurses have a limited prescribing formulary
  10. Gail Cartmail comments on UNISON AfC ballot delay

Practice Nurse

1. Mark Jones quoted on expansion of nurse prescribing


Radio Five Live – Janet Downie, NE chair, re: announcement of fruit & veg for those on food welfare scheme

BBC 4, Women’s Hour – Mark Jones interviewed on low birth weight babies


The Scotsman – Anna Daley quoted on mercury in vaccines


Mother and Baby – Shirley Stephenson, SIG co-chair comments on crying babies

Children Now – Obi Amadi re: GPs attendance at child protection conferences

Health Service Journal – quotes Obi Amadi on hearing tests

BBC Parenting magazine – Christine Bidmead quoted on parenting and ‘routines’

Children Now – Cheryll Adams speaks about the extended health visitor role

New Editor – Obi Amadi on obesity and the black population

Children Now Mark Jones quoted on the abolition of Korner statistics

Children Now – Homeless SIG chair, Sue Walters quoted on health services for homeless families in temporary accommodation

Shaun Noble

CPHVA Professional Communications Officer,

March, 2004