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19th April 2002


Medical Practitioners' Union Welcomes Budget and new GP Contract

Medical Practitioners’ Union is an autonomous professional section of the union Amicus.

MPU welcomes the budget settlement for the NHS, the activation of the NHS University and the creation of the NHS Bank.

MPU also welcomes the new GP contract, particularly because it recognises many of the problems and issues about working in deprived areas and the health needs of patients. These are issues the MPU has campaigned over and tried to highlight for many years.

The new contract framework removes the perverse incentives of the current contract where high list sizes are rewarded without taking account of the quality of services provided.

The new GP contract will recognise work actually done, enable resources to flow to deprived areas and redress the current under-funding of services to patients with the highest morbidity. Dr Aneez Esmail, MPU President said: 'At last we should have the resources to help patients with complex medical and social needs, and resources to pay the doctors, nurses and support staff for the difficult, much needed work they do'.

MPU is concerned about Alan Milburn's proposals to change the way hospitals are paid by returning to payment on a case by case basis inherited from the Tory's failed internal market. This is a bureaucratic approach and could destabilise hospitals just as increased resources are arriving.

We are also concerned about the increased involvement of the private sector in the delivery of NHS services through PFI, and the long term use of private hospitals here and abroad. Dr Ron Singer, MPU vice president commented: ' I quite accept the need to use the spare capacity of the private sector in the short term but for the NHS to supply high quality services on an integrated and coherent basis needs good team work across organisations. The profit motive and world of commercial secrets will hinder this and compromise the ethos that makes the National Health Service so important to us all'.

Contact: Dr Aneez Esmail

Tel. 0161 225 6699 – work

07867 538 493 - mobile

Dr Ron Singer

Tel. 020 8365 9790 - work

Pager - 07625 175 867


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Amicus/MSF represents 65,000 health service professionals including the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, laboratory scientific staff, the College of Health Care Chaplains, the Community Psychiatric Nurses Association, the Medical Practitioners' Union, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, the Hospital Physicists Association and the Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association.

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