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8 November 2001

 Health Visitors Reiterate Anti-Smacking Policy

The anti-smacking policy of the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association was "vigorously" reiterated today (Thursday, 8 November) in the wake of the government’s intention to continue to allow parents in England and Wales to smack their children.

The CPHVA’s Lead Professional Officer (Health Visiting) Obi Amadi said: ‘We, as an organisation, have had a very strong anti-smacking policy for a number of years. There will be absolutely no change in this policy. Nothing has happened in society recently to indicate that smacking of children is desirable or necessary.’

‘The tragic case of Victoria Climbie shows that once you start to hit a child, there is the possibility that this could be the slippery slope that results in greater physical damage to that child and, in extreme cases, death.’

‘Research shows that the more aggressive the parents, the more likely they are to produce aggressive children with reduced self-esteem and confidence. Children should learn self-discipline through respectful communication and a caring environment.’

‘We support the position of the Scottish Executive to ban smacking children under three years-old and would like to see this policy adopted throughout the UK.’

Two years ago, the CPHVA spearheaded the campaign against the British visit of American evangelists, Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, who advocated smacking children up to five times-a-day from the age of 18 months.



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