CPHVA Monthly media digest May – July 2003

Coverage generated by press releases during May – July 2003. Press release titles in bold.

Please note that the list of media ‘credits’ is not meant to be exhaustive. Some cuttings take time to come in, so the digest includes results received this month from releases sent out in previous months.

Besides, the CPHVA web site, the press releases are also sent to five other websites (listed below):

www.health-news.co.uk - "the largest specialist health news agency in Europe"

www.justfornurses.co.uk – backed by insurance company Eagle Star as "a brand building exercise"

www.nursingtimes.net – the Nursing Times website

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal





Name change to reflect new role of mental health nursing

Nursing Times – mentions name change as making itself more ‘attractive’ to mental health nurses

40 community nurses to share ‘£400,000 pay out’ in Bedfordshire and Luton

Nursing Times – mentions Luton story in article on smaller unions offering ‘targeted service’

Amicus –MSF opt for two-stage ballot on Agenda for Change

1. Nursing Times 29/4 – dates for CPHVA ballot mentioned

2. Nursing Times 29/4 – CPHVA members give their views on AfC.

3. Nursing Standard 23/4 – mentions CPHVA ballot

4. Nursing Standard 21/5 – health visitors accept 1st stage of NHS deal

5. Practice Nurse 23/5 – CPHVA balloting members

6. Health Service Journal 22/5 – ‘Clear Amicus mandate backs Agenda pilots’

7. Nursing Standard 21/5 – Barrie Brown quoted in article ‘Early implementers may wait months for pay rise’

8. Nursing Standard 21/5 – ‘Health visitors accept first stage of NHS deal’

30,000 UK schools being surveyed on ‘poor and smelly’ loos

1 (a) Nursing Times – Sue Vernon (Newcastle University) article highlight CPHVA’s Bog Standard campaign

1 (b) News article based on press release re: Bog Standard

Sexual health advisers in name change

Nursing Times – carries name change

Practice Nurse – carries name change

Five new multi-cultural booklets on mental health promotion produced by the CPHVA

Trans-cultural Nursing and Health Care Association newsletter – carries story with Bengali cover

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – carries article based on the press release

Practice Nurse – carries story

Nursing Times – carries story with photo of Abi Sobowale

Health visitors to use own computers and mobile ‘to subsidise’ NHS – CPHVA survey

Yorkshire Post – health visitors ‘forced to use their own computers’

www.sourceuk.net - site of the Public Management Journal – two articles on the survey results – a straight report and opinion piece.

Nursing Times – ‘Staff use own mobile phones’

Northern Ireland health visitors ‘poor relations’ over computer use – CPHVA survey

Community nursing enters the portals of academia

Nursing Times – carries story

Community nurses seek early meeting with new Northern Ireland Children’s Commissioner

Community nurses surveyed on ‘epidemic’ of bullying

Nursing Times – carries story

Nursing Standard – carries story


Other media mentions

Nursing Times

  1. Outlines CPHVA’s membership ‘package’ in feature article on benefits that nursing unions offer

2. Sue Walters, Chair of CPHVA homeless SIG, a double-page spread

3. ‘Breast is best’ for first six months supported by CPHVA

4. Amicus (CPHVA) sign up to union ant-foundation hospital campaign

5. ‘Protest over DoH breastfeeding advice’

6. Briege Coyle says CPHVA ‘disappointed’ at government ruling out legal ban on smacking

7. Rosemary McQuarrie quoted on NICE guide to infection control

Nursing Standard

1. Mark Jones says that employers or the NMC should be responsible for logging workplace details re: list of registrants.

2. CPHVA welcomes government ‘breast is best’ policy

Practice Nurse

1. Four page article by Cheryll Adams on postnatal depression


The Times – CPHVA support Govt’s ‘breast is best for first six months’ call

www.health-news.co.uk – Rosemary McQuarrie interviewed on advice re: taking babies abroad

The SUN – Mark Jones quoted in feature article of safe way for babies to sleep

The Guardian – Briege Coyle quoted on babies sleeping on their backs


The Herald (Glasgow)- CPHVA support Govt’s ‘breast is best for first six months’ call

Yorkshire Post – " " " " "

Birmingham Post - " " " " "

South Wales Echo – " " " "

Scotland on Sunday " " " "

Lancashire Evening Telegraph – Shaun Noble interviewed on steps needed to combat ‘con woman’ district nurses


Mother & Baby – Obi Amadi interviewed on ‘clingy’ babies (with photo of Obi)

That’s Life magazine – Pat Jackson quoted on curved backs

Practice Nursing – Rosemary McQuarrie pens CPHVA response to DoH on supplementary prescribing

Shaun Noble,

CPHVA Professional Communications Officer,

July, 2003