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Members with professional enquiries on public health issues should contact , CPHVA Professional Officer for Public Health and School Nursing
Tel 020 7939 7050 or 07768 531027

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UKPHA website re-launches on the 18th March 2003. UKPHA is an independent, UK wide voluntary association, which brings together individuals and organisations from all sectors, who share a commitment to promoting the public's health. It promotes the development of health public policy at all levels of government and across all sectors, and to support those working in public health either professionally or in a voluntary capacity.


General Information

UK Parliament - MPs highlight sexual ‘public health crisis’

Public Health Practice - Consultation - Your chance to influence standards and competencies for public health practice -
National Occupational Standards in Public Health Practice - Project Information Bulletin: May 2003.
Contact: , Skills for Health, Goldsmiths House, Bristol BS2 0JP
Tel. 0117-925 1800


Department of Health

Voluntary Register for Specialists in Public Health

European Public Health Association

World Health Day - Europe's children pay the price for a deteriorating environment

Community Public Health Programme

Newsletter March 2003

Newsletter February 2003

Newsletter January 2003


NHS Executive

Public Health Education Brokering - The database of educational opportunities offering individuals to search for learning opportunities within Public Health. From Short Courses to Masters Level, Diploma to BSc level

Tobacco Control

Success in efforts to control tobacco - Breaking News December 2002

The Tobacco Information Campaign's 'Don't give up giving up' Update - November 2002 issue

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Newsletter January 2003


Nursing Leadership Programme

NHS Nursing Leadership Project is running a public health leadership course which is free .