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School Nurses

Radical, Caring, Professional

The CPHVA is committed to campaigning for the rights of school nurses, so that they can provide a first class service to the nation’s pupils and students. It represents 60% of the country’s 2,500 school nurses.

The future heralds a new emerging – and enhanced - role for school nurses, as part of the Government’s healthcare agenda for the next decade.

The CPHVA’s National Strategy for School Nursing Practice outlined the strengthened public health role for school nurses. It envisaged them as team leaders of healthcare professionals, working to a uniform national standard, with the remit to focus on specific areas of health concern.

The new status of school nurses is a key component of the CPHVA’s continuing dialogue with Government.

Equal opportunities for school nurses in accessing specialist practitioner courses is another sphere in which the CPHVA is campaigning – not all employers treat school nurses fairly in this area.

The CPHVA also seeks to influence the training agenda for school nurses, so that the curriculum mirrors changing realities in the workplace.

The aim of the CPHVA is to ensure that the school nurse service is adequately resourced so that the employment conditions of school nurses reflects the importance of the job.

The CPHVA liaises with other agencies to develop approaches that promote the best interests of school nurses.

Devolution in the UK now means that each constituent country can devise its own healthcare policy. This has implications for school nurses and the CPHVA makes representations to ensure that the school nurse role is properly understood and valued.

The CPHVA stages its own annual School Nurse Conference, now full intergrated into the CPHVA Annual Professional Conference, tailor-made to address the concerns of the profession. It is a key event for networking and exchanging the latest ideas.

Campaigning and lobbying are critical areas for the CPHVA, taking the issues that affect school nurses to the heart of Government and the NHS, and raising the profile of school nurses with opinion formers.

The CPHVA acts a conduit for the dissemination of good practice, making sure that the latest developments relating to school nursing has the widest possible airing.

Uniquely, the CPHVA is the only nursing organisation that has a dedicated Professional Officer with a school nursing background looking after the interests of school nurses.

The CPHVA is a specialist professional body whose interests are solely concentrated on championing the cause of the community practitioner, and school nursing is a pivotal specialism.

Pat Jackson is the Professional Officer for School Nurses. She has worked in school health since 1987 and since then her experience has covered clinical practice, management and education within school health.

Radical, Caring, Professional