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Constitution of the CPHVA Special Interest Group Health Informatics





Duties of Officers

General Meetings


The name of the group shall be the CPHVA Special Interest Group: Health Informatics. (SIG Health Informatics.)

Health Informatics is the knowledge, skills and tools which enable information to be managed, used and shared to support the delivery of health care and promote health


  • To promote and share knowledge and best practice in the development of health informatics within primary health care locally and nationally.

  • To provide a forum for members with this common interest to meet periodically during the year.

  • To provide a network of information to its members and to the CPHVA as a whole.

  • To provide a community nursing perspective and influence the planning and development of information systems to meet the needs of clients and practitioners.

  • To encourage and facilitate the management of information by informing and educating practitioners so that they can provide a client centred service.

  • To contribute to, and influence national policies pertaining to health Informatics by providing members for co-option to national multi and uni professional committees and groups.

  • To contribute to local and national consultation processes

  • To encourage and support members to contribute to, and influence local policies pertaining to health Informatics

  • To contribute expertise to CPHVA training and development programmes

  • To organise study days and seminars.
  • To facilitate the formation and updating of a data base with the information resource officer
  • To maintain the SIG page on the CPHVA web page through the information resource department.

  • Will submit motions to the CPHVA AGM through centres and the CPHVA executive committee that seek to influence national policies which affect the health Informatics agenda.


  • Membership will be open to all members and staff of CPHVA, but may also be open to other interested parties. At least 50% of the membership should be CPHVA members.

  • Membership will be by payment of an annual subscription. This will be determined from time to time by the annual general meeting of the group.

  • Membership may be terminated by resignation in writing to the chair / secretary, or, by the non-payment of subscription. Any person whose subscription is outstanding by more than 6 months will cease to be a member

Officers and Committee

A committee comprising the elected officers of the group and committee members shall administer the affairs of the group. The committee shall be the governing body of their group between general meetings and shall carry with effect the policy of the group as set down in general meetings. The committee shall meet as often as it deems necessary, or will communicate by electronic means.

The committee will consist of Chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. Members will elect the officers at the Annual general meeting. Only membersí present at the AGM can vote. The vote shall be by secret ballot unless officer positions are uncontested.

Duties of officers

4.1.1. Chair

4.1.1 The chair shall preside at all general and committee meetings when possible in the event of a tie n any vote the chair will have the casting vote. The chair will submit an annual report by 1st August for inclusion in the CPHVA annual report.

4..1.2. Vice-chair

The vice chair shall preside at meetings in the absence of the chair

4.1.3 Secretary

The secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the group between meetings. This work may be shared if necessary. Notes of general meetings shall be distributed to all members of SIG Health Informatics and to CPHVA head quarters.

4.1.4 Treasurer

The treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the group. The treasurer shall prepare a budget for each meeting and shall present the accounts to the AGM. The treasurer will provide annual accounts to CPHVA by 31st December

4.1.4 Committee members

The committee shall comprise of the officers and members elected at the AGM. There shall be as many committee members as deemed necessary or members can be co-opted on to the committee during the year as required.

General meetings

The general meetings of the group will be held quarterly. Part of the meeting will be knowledge sharing and discussion and part general business of the group.

The meetings will be in March, June, September and November or early December, or as agreed by consensus of members

The CPHVA professional officer serving the group will be invited to every SIG Health informatics meeting.

SIG Health Informatics will be entitled to use CPHVA/Amicus premises in negotiation with named professional officer for SIG meetings.

An annual general meeting will be held in the March quarterly meeting. The chairs and treasurers annual report/ accounts will be presented to the AGM. The members will agree an annual subscription rate for each member at the AGM. SIG officers will also be elected at the AGM

An agenda will be circulated two weeks before each meeting. Any members can submit an agenda item for discussion.

The groupís year will be from 1st October to 30th September. Subscriptions will be due on 1st October

Tentative dates for next SIG Health Informatic meetings:-

6 March
AGM 12 June 

8th May 2003

SIG-Health Informatics chair