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Access to Information Management and Technology -
Nursing and Allied Clinical Professions from the NHS Information Authority



The stakeholder Relations Team in the NHS Information Authority is keen to have a picture of the issues relating to Access to IM & T for NHS staff. At this stage, it is not a quantitative exercise, but more to have a qualitative view of the professional associations. View it as gathering data by having 'a round the table' discuss amongst some colleagues who work closely with clinical information systems. Detailed below is a list of topics to help with your discussions, by please add anything else that will give the NHSIA a clearer picture of the real issues.

It will be useful to have an indication of membership of the professions and where people work, for eg. memebrship is 250000 with 30% working as community midwives, 6% in Research and Development posts. The NHSIA does not need individual data but just as indication of the size of the 'problems'. Hopefully, this information resides in your membership department.

Any existing information on Access issues from previous surveys will be useful

Topics for discussion as a starter are:

  • key access to IT issues for your professions
  • current position of availability of IT in the service
  • liaison and close working with higher education regarding IM & Training
  • links to library services and availability of support from library staff
  •   types, availability and usefulness of training programmes and sessions
  •   clinicians' prime needs for IM & T
  •   managers' prime needs for IM & T
  •   managers' prime needs for IM & T
  • support mechanisms for staff in local trusts
  •   existing skills of managers and staff
  •   opportunities and benefits of others' experience
  •   success stories and why
  •   success stories and why
  •   your profession's priorities to address access issues, if resources were not a problem

Please send your responses to NHSIA