Partnership with Parents - Veritas Parenting Programme

" the mental health and well being of children, enabling them to achieve their full potentia
" to improve the same of parents as carers and first teachers of their children

These were achieved by:

" supporting parents in learning new skills

" enhancing parent/child interactive relationships

" improving parent's confidence and self esteem

" creating a community of parents who could act as a support system for each other

" creating a network of parent leaders able to estbalish groups in their own communities

" to establish a network of support for the further development and training of parent leaders

Family Caring Trust 0-6 parenting programme was used and the Parent Assertiveness Programme was used as a follow up. The groups met for 7 weeks. Parents went on to become Trust volunteers to help run crèche facilities and co-lead groups, and develop further support for parents with young children.
A report on this project 'What can a Parent Do' was published in:
Health Visitor Vol. 66 (8) August 1993 p. 285-286
A copy of the 'Veritas Parenting Programme' is available from

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