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The future heralds a new emerging – and enhanced role for school nurses/as part of the Government’s healthcare agenda for the next decade. The National Strategy for School Nursing Practice outlines the strengthened public health role for school nurses, envisaged as team leaders of healthcare professionals, working to a uniform national standard with the remit to focus on specific areas of health concern.

Devolution in the UK means that each constituent country is developing its own healthcare policy. This has implications for school nurses and the CPHVA makes representations to ensure that the school nurse role is properly understood and valued.

The CPHVA School Nurse Conference is fully integrated with the CPHVA Annual Professional Conference. It is a key event for networking, the exchange of ideas and keeping up to date with the latest developments in research and professional practice.

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General Information

Infection Control Nurses Association/CPHVA - Keep it clean and healthy' information pack - Designed to provide infection control guidance for all professionals working in pre-school childcare settings, this information pack is based on a local guidance document produced in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Primary Care Trusts. It provides information on a variety of conditions and their appropriate management.

Head Lice: a report for Consultants in Communicable Disease Control (CCDCs)

PSHE Key Stage 2 - A Teaching Pack for School Nurses - This publication can be ordered through the CPHVA bookshop or from Scott Macmillan on Tel. 01732 884 023

A new programme of work by DH & DfES managed by NHSS to pilot certification of community nurses to support PSHE (including sex and relationship education). Contact National Adviser, Schools and Young People's Health, Health Development Agency. Tel. 020 7061 3073

DFES/Health Development Agency - Professional Development : Certification of Community Nurses to Support PSHE (including SRE). [More Information]

Department of Health - Healthy Eating '5-a-day' logo unveiled

The New Public Role for School Nurses

Reading list for School Nursing

School Nursing Strategy

My Workplace - personalised website for NHS professionals (NHS Information Authority

Guidelines on the Management of Communicable Diseases in Schools and Nurseries


School Nursing Projects

The Health Visitor and School Nurse Innovations Network
lists a number of innovative school nursing projects which members may find of interest.

A Profile of the Health and Health Needs of School Age Children in Huddersfield - Hilary Mosley, Jenny Moorhouse - School Nurse Team Leaders, Dave Hewitt, Information Coordinator, Primary Care Development Directorate, Huddersfield NHS Trust



CPHVA's Role in School Nursing
CPHVA - School Nursing - The challenges ahead

School Nursing within the Public Health Agenda : A Strategy for Practice
CPHVA, 2000

The strategy for school nursing practice is the result of a comprehensive stocktake
from across the UK. It is a proposed agenda for action whose purpose is to clarify
the scope and range of school nurse services.


Specific topic information

Teenage Pregnancy

National Treatments Agency - Drugs campaign targets children and parents. An innovative advertising campaign aimed at children and parents to drive home the dangers of drugs such as heroine and cocaine is launched by Home Office. Guidance is available from the National Treatments Agency.


Official Documents

National Healthy School Standard - The National Healthy School Standard (formerly known as the National Healthy Schools Scheme) was proposed in the Green Paper 'Our Healthier Nation' in 1998. In this paper, the government identified the school as a setting to improve the health of children. In the government's view, a healthy school is in a key position to improve children's health and educational achievement, with the support of other agencies.

Making the Grade - Grading Guidance and the School Nurses Salary Survey 2001

School Nursing in England/Wales

    Number of School Children - 8 million
    Number of School Nurses - 2,500
    Annual cost of existing school nursing services - £ 40 m
    Reference: Nursing Times, 23 July 2002, p. 1