Food manufacturers urged to reduce salt levels

The food industry has been told to act now to reduce the level of salt in foods, or risk being sued like the tobacco industry. The chairman of Consensus Action on Salt and Health, Professor Graham MacGregor, explained that high levels of salt in processed foods had serious long term health implications.

Around 80 per cent of individuals salt intake is estimated to come from processed foods, and researchers believe that cutting these levels would be the easiest way to reduce individual salt intake. Excessive salt can raise blood pressure, which is considered a major factor in both heart disease and strokes.

Professor Graham MacGregor told Channel Four's 'News at Noon' programme, that with a reduction of 10 per cent "we would save 6000 lives" a year. He continued: "They put that salt there, and salt is a chemical and it is toxic at the amounts that we are eating, and if they don't start acting now they are going to be held responsible for these unnecessary deaths and sufferings in the UK."

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