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This section will carry current news briefs on topics of interest to community practitioners.
The news briefs will contain information from journals, key organisations, media and other relevant sources with links for more detailed information.
This is an additional service from the CPHVA to help you to keep updated on current issues relating to your practice. We would appreciate your feedback on its usefulness, coverage, content etc. Please e-mail us on [email protected]

>CPHVA - Half of NHS nurses ‘bullied’ 13/10/03

>Pain Society - One in five suffer chronic pain 13/10/03

>Blair plans Olympic fit Britain campaign 13/10/03

>Breakthrough in fertility treatment 13/10/03

>Prima Baby - Mothers ‘constantly’ worry about young children’s health 09/10/03

>UN - UN warns ‘Aids threat growing among young people’ 09/10/03

>Royal College of Physicians - HRT cancer warning issued 09/10/03

>Police Supts. Association - Police chiefs express concern over needle exchanges 09/10/03

>Health Development Agency - Parents urged to encourage healthy eating 08/10/03

>Welsh Assembly - Health minister welcomes improvements in child services 08/10/03

>Department of Health - Minister welcomes new teen pregnancy advisory group appointments 08/10/03

>Department of Health - Government plans online booking for patients 08/10/03

Toddler ‘died after drug blunder’ 07/10/03
UCLH - Aseptic system slashes MRSA rates 07/10/03
>Widow takes tobacco giant to court 07/10/03

The Lancet - The Lancet goes digital 07/10/03

DOH - New DoH guidelines aim to cut emergency waiting times 06/10/03

JCEM - Male contraceptive proves effective 06/10/03

GLA - GPs criticised over heart disease care 06/10/03

GPs admit to insufficient breast cancer training 06/10/03

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